slightly exasperated

(but not wishing to complain)
everytime (every single time) I want to use the new netbook, it insists on turning itself off again in order to "install updates"

I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!! it was new last week, how is it possible that it needs updating already??? actually, don't answer that - it will only confuse me; (erm, I'm sure I had something else more relevant to share with you - but the update wiped it)


Christopher said...

How very frustrating for you. I won't allow 'up-dates' (except from AVG free) on mine so we live together in a state of primal innocence. Corrective actions might include:

deprivation of sweets
menial household tasks
the naughty step

I hope this helps (© V.Scurra)

Mel said...

I'm going for the naughty step.

Sounds much nicer than the naughty corner.

Mel said...

Oh...let's talk updates.

<-- is on the not so frequently used laptop and knows ALL about update happy 'putery things

Dave said...

Yes, now my laptop is connected to the net, it seems all its progs are out of date and need updating.

Oh well, I've ordered a new (well, reconditioned, on Rog's advice) machine today. So everything will be splendid soon, won't it?

Mel said...

Nummmmmm... :-)