time out

as I purchased my newspaper this morning I couldn't help but notice the cover of this week's Time Out magazineno, not the image above, but one of a naked man "blogging": his laptop covering his laptop (if you can visualise that) (better than the alternative, I think) (most things are better than the alternative, wouldn't you say)

the cover story being how London bloggers reveal the details ("all the details", according to the tagline on the cover) of their sex lives: never fear, dear reader, you won't find such smut here, will you? no, not because I don't actually have a sex life - but because I don't blog about such stuff (as you, dear reader, know well)

instead I shall share with you the fact that second flower box of the cafe (I had to come out for coffee, having used up all the milk making smoothies for the POVS yesterday) has been replanted - no more weeds, but at least seven different varieties of lettuce (green leaved, red leaved, crinkly leaved, raggedy edged leaved, lambs lettuce leaved, red with white veins leaved and something quite indescribably) (I'd take a photo to give you a full visual, only the camera on my phone has given up the ghost again, so I'll leave it up to your imagination)

I was somewhat perturbed to find out, whilst searching Mrs G Image a while back, that my new haunt is frequented by various glitterati of the SWsomethingorother London scene, including, amongst others, a certain Colin Firth Esq and a Mr Nick Clegg. . .

Colin and Clegg consuming cappuccino in my fave cafe

both might be known to you in one guise or another (one for best chest in a wet 'n' wild linen shirt competition a few years back, one as being Chief Fag to GB's Current Head Boy) (and seeing as I don't do politics here either, I'll leave it at that) (and no, when I write the word "fag" I don't mean nicotine stick in this case, I mean this) (see, I might not "do" politics or sex, but I do "do" education) (in the broadest sense of the word, you understand)

not much of a competition, is it?

never one to force my opinion on anyone, I'll leave it up to you; but it does bring to mind something The Teen shared with me the other evening. . .

he'd been reading a magazine I'd carelessly left lying about (Vogue) and showed me a page that interested him (I really do worry about that boy): the advert for an expensive rental apartment (now you understand my concern - mag full of scantily clad girlies and he's looking at the property pages) (on the other hand, he is his father's son I suppose), the details of which he found quite fascinating. . .
"what's a Guest Cloakroom, mum?" he asked excitedly, expecting - I think - that it meant the flat came with something equivalent to a personal Jeeves for each and every visitor and if not that then at least the space for people to hang up their coats and hats in a different closet to his own such that upon leaving noone would ever depart with either his topper or his Panama (yes, I treated him) by mistake
you'll understand how disappointed he was when I explained; another part of the listing also confused him: the Plant Room (I had no idea what that actually was, but told him I didn't think it was where occupants might nurture their lilies, orchid or other delicate flower collections)
I,LTV Towers: a hot bed of confusion (so what's new?) (not much)
(anyhoo - as expected, being the second week of Wimbledon, the skies are clouding over and I can sense impending rain, so I'll be off for the mo) (x) (have an unconfused day, dear reader!)


Dave said...

My garden could do with some decent rain. If it arrives this afternoon, you can picture my chest in a wet 'n' wild linen shirt.

Well, cotton t-shirt actually.

Mel said...

Ummm.... Dang. You mean that's NOT what a guest cloakroom is?

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss?

I ain't asking himself.
He might know the answer and I'd lose my blissful ignorance...

Mel said...


This won't do.
I now have this 'picture' in my brain.


Rimshot said...

Since I live in a state of perpetual confusion, I'm sure I'd feel right at home at I,LTV Towers.

Did we ever find out what a Plant Room is?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Ironically, today's wordver: nondumi

I, Like The View said...

shot you think you could live shoulder-to-shoulder with my three? very brave!! (and in the same space as my good self?!?!?! that's not bravery, but madness)


(I've been saving the interesting word vers, you can expect them at some stage when I've run out of other things to say)

as for "plant room" I was hoping that a more educated reader would enlighten me. . .

one can live in hope, eh

mel he was a bit of a hunk, the lad on the mag. . . but then "hunk" doesn't always do it for everyone, does it

as for cloakroom, I always thought it was a stiff-upper-lipped euphamism (however that is spelt) for "loo" (the American translation of which is my preferred word "bathroom")(altho in English, bathroom usually contains a bath)(or sometimes a shower)(but not always a loo)(see how confusing it gets?!)

Dave I've seen three pictures of you already today - can't anything be left to the imagination?


typical - now I've come back, the sun has come out again

Rimshot said...

Is that an offer? (one can live in hope)

Dave said...

A plant room is a room where the plant is kept.

In this case, it probably means the boiler is there

Plant (plænt, plɑnt) –noun: the complete equipment or apparatus for a particular mechanical process or operation: the heating plant for a home.

Christopher said...

Lost my way to SWn in the breathy onrush of green leaved, red leaved, crinkly leaved etc. verbiage, but we did once live in a house with a solar, gun room, still room and chaundry where the hatted personage in this compelling post would surely have felt quite at home.

w v (only the best here)

sumer - is icumen in?

Zig said...

luckily I have never had a guest visit with a cloak needing a room


I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ funny how cloaks have gone out of fashion, isn't it



Christopher you're so posh!

Dave I knew that! (I was hoping for an amusing definition. . .) on the other hand, heating plant sounds very ecofriendly


shot never look a gift horse in the mouth

Dave said...

I've got a cloak. Black. Thick wool. It's for funerals.

Dave said...

*tempted to take it to Ziggo's and ask if she's got a room to hang it in*

Mel said...

Great--now I'm thinking Klingon Warship. LOL Boy my mind just wobbles all over the place some times.

My father referred to the bathroom as the 'WC'....silly fella.
And lettuce in a flowerbox kinda sounds like a cool thing.....I bet it's pretty!

Rimshot said...

Beware of Trojans bearing gifts.