yesterday evening on the beach

(this image show one of those waves which suddenly stretches much further up the beach than the uninitiated expect, soaking belongings at the best and washing them away at the worst - if you look carefully you'll see that the ice-cream van is in danger of becoming stuck in the wet sand) (such excitement!) (I was there once when a van much further up the beach than this one became swamped due to a far reaching wave, the ice-cream man tried to drive off, the wheels sank further into the sand, a helpful cafe owner hooked up a rope to back of his Land-Rover and tried to pull the van out, people were ferrying ice-cream cartons from the can up the beach into cafe freezers, the Land-Rover became stuck and eventually when the two were almost submerged a local farmer brought his tractor down to tow them both out) (such hilarity!)


Anonymous said...

Indeed. This would make a good short film, the kind we used to see at the Saturday matinee, before the Main Event.

Mel said...

*happy sigh*

Oh, to have that to look forward to.....

The beach.
Maybe the comedy of the ice cream truck and the tractor...LOL
Bet that was almost more excitement than the locals could take. LOL

mig said...

What fun : )
And Oh so lovely to be able to watch the place in advance! You will wave to us won't you, when you're there?