so, you recall I'll be on me 'ols soon? guess

what! it's supposed to look like/as tho this. . . but in fact, looks as if/like this. . .
oh well! I don't care it's not as if/like/as tho I go on holiday in England for the weather now, is it?
I hope the sun is shining
for you today,
wherever you are


Rimshot said...


mig said...

~Oops! Still, it was supposed to rain today. Perhaps it will be all sunshine and light when you get there?
The sun shone here all day! (Unlike the day we went to Wales to walk along a disused canal and it drizzled on us.)

Dave said...

East Angular has been having a dought for weeks now. Perhaps you should have a holiday on the Broads next year.

Dave said...


Vicus Scurra said...

Holiday on the broads. Someone please say "Oooh Padre" in a Kenneth Williams voice.

Please use "as though" or "as if" rather than like. Just for me.

I hope you are having a very nice holiday.

Spadoman said...

The weather won't stay like that forever. Hope you have a wonderful time.


Mel said...

Awwwwwwww..... I'll hope for sunny weather for your holiday. And if not that, a glorious time just the same.

Which I'm certain you'll have.

(what are 'the broads'?)
(I'd ask himself-who-sleeps' but alas, he sleeps! LOL)

Dave said...

The Broads, Mel, are the nickname for seaside landladies in East Angular.

Rimshot said...

Funny...where I'm from, "The Broads" is how one refers to a group of women (that is, if you want to get slapped upside the head)

Zig said...

surf's up?!

I, Like The View said...

ZiggZ did you see Top Gear this week? they took surf lessons on the beach, from the Animal guys not the SUrf's Up team. . .

. . .which beach, I hear you ask yourself. . .

mine!! (well, not techincally, but you know what I mean)

shot I think that's what Dave meant

Dave I hope that made it somewhat clearer for her

Mel only a few days to go now, and (if I find the camera cable) you'll be able to see for yourself!

man thanks! email me your address, if you'd like, and I'll send you a postcard!

Vicus so far the only people in the household who are on holiday are the teens - my workload seems to have quadrupled overnight. . . but soon two will be off abroad with their father and I'll be taking one down to the sea with me

I have made the required adjustments and apologise for my error - probably forgot to reread and edit due to the requirements of my offspring

I beg your forgiveness

Dave bRoads on a bEach (I'm experimenting with novel titles)

Dave it hasn't rained much here recently, perhaps I should just stay at home (but then, that wouldn't be much of a holiday would it)

mig you've been to Wales!? have I missed something?!

(will correspond on other matters in more detail when I manage to offload some of the smaller - well, younger - people on their other parent)

shot I needed that! thank you (they work both ways, you know)

mig said...

No you didn't miss anything I - it was just a (wet) day trip :)

Mel said...

Quit doing laundry and find the cable!!!!!!


I think that's an excellent suggestion.

I, as tho/Like/as if The View said...

Vicus oops, sorry, one further ammendment to the "like" situation


mig I know all about those!

us Brits and the weather, eh


Mel and one I shall partake of

TYVM ma'am