three. . . two. . . one. . .

. . .and she's back in the room
dear reader (uh-oh, you know that's not a good start, don't you) (don't worry, I'll spare you) (it's not that bad!) (actually, I'll stop and reconsider)
so, with the embroidery progressing well I decide to distract myself by starting to design and knit another jumper (I knitted one recently that I didn't tell you about) (kind of like a cricket jumper) (only banana yellow) (this one has raglan sleeves and a roll-neck jumper that doesn't roll but kind of flops in an overlarge-by-design-manner); the colours are wonderful - they were my inspiration, yarns I found down in Bournemouth (think I forgot to tell you about that as well) - a tweedy deep purple, a gentle lavender, a dusky pink, a verging on turquoise green, a moss green, a tomatoey red, a really bright coral and a vibrant magenta for which blogger doesn't have similar colours, a pale orange. . . sadly the yarn is acrylic (*GAK!!!!*), but then again if it had been anything else then I couldn't have afforded to make the purchase: there you go, needs must and beggars can't be choosers and all that
Mini-Teen (only a month to go now before she is thirteen) and I have been replanting lots of plants from the courtyard (mainly lavender and bay, some bamboo, a couple of thyme) into the front "garden" (the planting possibility of which comprises a small strip of dirt in the gap between two sections of brick wall)(oh, and a couple of window boxes) - which has involved digging up and moving all the nasturtium I planted in the gap earlier in the year and many many trips thru the living room with an overfull watering-can, which has involved much spilling and mopping up (it's the upstairs loo saga all over again, only this time it's voluntary)
I would *sigh* but actually the results are rather wonderful!
so good
in fact that I then got the XY Teens to move my thinking bench from the courtyard thru the living room to the front "garden", so I can sit behind the bamboo screen, that now separates the pavement from my gap between the wall and the house windows, and think in dappled sunlight
*happy sigh*
and now it's raining

(but, the plants and gardens need the rain, more than my living room needs flooding, so I'm not going to quibble)
sometimes I think it's a good thing that I don't have a more engaging hobby to distract me - like kissing frogs


Zig said...

had a frog in my wellie this morning but I didn't kiss it, the thought of it turning into a man was just to terrible to contemplate.

Dave said...

tee hee

Mel said... I think that little piece of garden sounds like an absolutely wonderful spot to take coffee to and just BE.

<-- volunteering to check out that theory! :-)

(Haven't quite envisioned the sweatery thingy yet--but it's early and I could use more coffee! LOL)

Spadoman said...

Would love to share some tea or coffee, (or maybe one of those cucumber things), in that dappled sunlight on the bench. Sounds like a nice space.


Rimshot said...


mig said...

Oh it sounds so delightful! And let's hope the rain does its useful thing and then goes a way again so you can enjoy your rainwashed, sparkling front garden.
(the thing that's always worried me about frog kissing is I might like the frog better than whatever it might turn into. A bit like a lottery where the prize might be a huge overdraft instead of a huge lot of money. Actually, I needn't worry - Only princesses get to turn frogs into anything right?)