a treat for the heat

cucumbers. . . sliced. . .how would you like yours? with freshly grated black pepper and tomotoes?
in a jug of ice water? in an interesting drink?
(I might pop my cucumber slices on my eye lids and just lie down somwehere cool!)(cucumber slices: brought to you by I,LTV: no gluten and vegan friendly)(*MWAH*)


Dave said...

I've never really seen the point of cucumber. I usually pick them out of my sandwiches.

I, Like The View said...

I like people who pick unwanted bits out of their sandwiches - I'll have the cucumber, thanks

Spadoman said...

I love cukes. I've never tried them in a drink, maybe in a (virgin for me) bloody mary instead of the celery stalk, or the martinni instead of the olive or pearl onion. Hmmmmmm, the possibilities.

The photo looks like what we have here in the states. They are sold as and labeled English Cucumbers. Thinner and more dimpling on the skin as opposed to plain old cucumbers.

I make a salad with red onion, tomatoes and cucumbers in my home made Italian salad sdressing. I dip baguette in the salad dressing as I eat the veggies. The longer it sits, the better the flavor is absorbed.

Thanks for sharing with us today.


Mel said...

Nummmm!! Yes, ty. Peeled and sliced with a bit of salt and pepper.

(trying to keep things simple, dontchaknow!)

Ohhhh..I need to try some in my water!

Rimshot said...

"I might pop my cucumber slices on my eye lids and just lie down somwehere cool!"

That sounds just the trick!

Either that, or may I have mine on tiny slices of crustless bread, please? With a thin sheen of butter and some salt, if it's not too much trouble?