Mel said...

It just amazes me how far that beach gets to be.
What an awesome piece of sand and farrrrr out there surf.
How could you not thoroughly enjoy it?!

Christopher said...

Is that you in the middle distance, 27th from the left?

Yes, I thought so. Class will out.

Mel said...

Okay....three weeks wasn't long enough!
Just sayin'.


I, Like The View said...

no it wasn't really

but there you go!

can't complain, Mel, it was quite lovely

the amazing thing about the beach is how it so totally diappears when the tide comes in! strangely, I don't take many photos of that

might need to think about that one

Christopher how did you spot me?!

Dave said...

I think it was the hat.

Good morning, by the way.

Mel said...

Wow....you'd reallllllly haffta be careful about falling asleep on the blankie on the beach, huh?

So over the rocks, or just TO the rocks?

<-- curious type...LOL

Spadoman said...

Thank you Christopher, for pointing View out. I never would have guessed she wore such a tiny bikini!
Great looking beach. Wish holidays and vacations would last forever and that everyone had enough money to afford it!


mig said...

*waving* Also jumping up and down.