today I offer the humble beetrootdelicious in salads (I've not tried it in deserts, so can't vouch for that) no gluten! vegan friendly! and, according to some people, they make your pee a more interesting colour. . .
(I've never looked, so can't vouch for that)


Dave said...


Spadoman said...

I love beets. Thank you very much.


Rimshot said...

I believe I've only every had pickled beets, and then only a taste to see what it was like, and then only once. I'm feeling adventurous so thanks very much.

Shall I put the kettle on?

Christopher said...

Yes, great. We grow our own and harvest them young, before they get too woody. J. steams the leaves as well and eats them in much the same way as spinach.

Is it teatime? Is there jam sponge?

Vicus Scurra said...

I am moderately pleased that you don't look at my pee. I wonder who it was, though?

mig said...

I've recently been forced to admit that beetroot, unpickled and definitely not on the same plate as mashed potato is not all bad. Quite nice even.
In spite of the colour.
(Well it looks nice in the photo but that's different)

Mel said...


Coffee, thank you.


k....they're gluten free and I oughta try things at least once......


mig said...

Try it mel - just don't let it share a plate (*Laughing* - as if you would :)

I, Like The View said...

mig I think they deserve their own space on a plate (unless they are in a salad already)

do you think she'll try them?

Mel buy them fresh and cook themyourself. . . it'll be worth it (if only for the colour of the water in the pan!)

mig isn't it weird how some things are so much better in real life than from childhood memories?

Vicus erm, it was me - I was just fibbing before

Christopher small ones are more juicy

as some people say

actually, I have had a request from The Teens for chocolate biscuits; I'll save you some

shot rem, you don['t put the kettle on to cook beetroot

but I'll let you off

just this once

man my pleasure!

Dave fail

Mel said...

Excuse me--but there's NO WAY those things are touching other things on the plate.

<-- has a redplate with dividers.

k......tell ya what--I'll see if there's some in the grocery store and we'll give 'em a go.
Well--HE'LL see if there's some in the grocery store...
Just boil 'em?

k......I can tell they may never make the plate, divided or not..LOL

Z said...

Grated beetroot goes well in a chocolate cake. Try it on Dave, he'd love it. And beetroot risotto is the most wonderful colour.