a present from Padstow

I will be awarding a prize to the person who guesses correctly what this image is a photo of (yeah yeah yeah, I know that's not grammatically correct, but do I care? do I? do I!) (go on, bite me) (I dare you) (no, not you - Vicus!) (it has nothing to do with Padstow, by the way) (the subject of the photo) (oh, I give up)


dinahmow said...

A dillytop (ask Ziggi), invented to stop tourists stealing the regular plugs from hotel basins.
(Or possibly a thingy to put on the lens of a telescope so people don't aim at the sun?

Dave said...

The front wheel from a Sinclair C5.

I, Like The View said...

dinah no

Dave no

Mel said...

Kinda look like the foot stopper thingy from a chair--'cept they're metal and not white. I think...maybe...


I KNOW!!!!


I know and I'm not tellin'.

(k....might lied...LOL)

Mel said...

Can it be a drawer pull?

That'd be a cute one.

Rimshot said...

It's obviously a very tiny Bullseye used in the Lilliputian version of Robin Hood.

I, Like The View said...

shot obvious to you, perhaps, my FAF (but actually might be found in Brobdingnag!)

Mel change the word foot to gob, and you have it, dearheart

(dunno if you have them over the pond - ask The Brit for me, will ya?!)

Mel said...

A gobstopper?

I asked, he tells me they're the equivalent to a jawbreaker, maybe?


If it is, someone worked really, really diligently to get to the middle--they oughta be proud! :-)

mig said...

A brobdingnagian gobstopper?