and I quote:

"say hi to all ur bloggers for me!" a gift from the smallest and youngest member of the household, here at I,LTV Towers:

(\__/) this is a bunny
(='.'=) copy/paste the bunny into your sig
(")_(") help the bunny achieve world domination

Not So Mini-Teen was here... (-:


dinahmow said...

Cute! Thanks for this, Smallest Person.

Mel said...


I'm ALL about bunnies achieving world domination!

((((((( NSMMT )))))))


Now I'll go click.

Dave said...

A`lovely little film, bu a bit too much nudity for my taste.

Mel said...

k....perhaps I made an error in clicking!

<-- saw red plane and even the cat was dressed with a scarf! :-/

I, Like The View said...

no Mel, you got it just right - a little red plane and a cat with a scarf

I have no idea what Dave is talking about

mig said...

Took me back to Postman Pat and beyond :)
Loved the knitted planets : )Thank you Mini Teen.