(keeping it simple)
sometimes only one thing will do - after the week I've had, I know what it is and where to find it!

I hope that you're having the same success today


Mel said...

Ohhh..yes thank you!

I've taken a cuppa coffee or two on the patio this morning--navel gazing at Orion brings me such peace first thing in the morning.

And for the moment, the Bug sleeps. So this is my moment to indulge.
Then I'll get himself up....and indulge again. *laughing*
G'morning to you! You know I'm always game for a good cuppa coffee and a bit of solitude! :-)

mig said...

Blogger keeps telling me the service is unavailable. Obviously that's nonsense since I can see the coffee! And the papers.
I shall ignore blogger and join you for coffee : )

Mel said...

Silence and a cuppa coffee....I'm all about that this morning.

As much as I love that Bug--silence is GREAT! :-)

Vicus Scurra said...

Where are you? I yearn for you tragically.

english inukshuk said...

I am here!

in a new place. . .

. . .the old one was getting a little cluttered and attracting unwanted bugs and pests. . .

so I sorted out a few cupboards, shook the dust out of the rugs, polished the floors and the door step, replenished the plants in the window boxes, cleaned the grubby panes with vinegar and brown paper so that the sun can shine in, straightened the crooked pictures on the wall and banged in a few nails to hang some more, laid a welcoming fire in the grate and put some coffee on

invited a few friends to join me in my new abode

a very simple place

it would be lovely to see you again, I've missed you

Peace!...with 2 fingers ;) said...

coffee & the morning paper...nothing like it. ahhhh... ;)