pinch punch

yadda yadda
(you've heard it all before)


Mel said...


And don't forget the meteor watching!
(soon as I remember when that is...LOL)

Dave said...

Hurrah! Pay-day (I'm paid quarterly).

Christopher said...

I see the Square of Pegasus every night from my study window as I close the shutters before going to bed thinking that's ANOTHER day without any particular achievement.

mig said...

Oh my Goodnesss! Already?
Is that a black hole near the zenith?
Every so often, I pause to admire the lovely way you've arranged your heading. Just thought I'd tell you.
Have a lovely September.

Mel said...

Pfffftttt....none til October it would seem. *sigh*

Guess I'll just keep lookin' at Orions' navel. LOL