and then there were


the People of Various Sizes (two now bigger than me - Teen Too, at thirteen-and-a-half, has recently had a growth spurt and is now approaching six foot, only three inches off The Teen, his 15-year-old brother - Mini-Teen remains mini) have gone off with their father for a holiday. . .

not just any old holiday, a wonderful holiday

(they'll be having "just" a holiday with me in a few weeks time when we go to Cornwall) in the meantime, their father is taking them here:

and here:

and then here*:

(*actually, they are going to a small island off the coast, but I don't know which one so I can't show you an image)

I hope they appreciate it! I think they will, they are - on the whole - good children. . . I'm a bit sad to tell the truth, and altho I thought I'd rabbit on a little I actually find myself on the verge of tears; I realised last night, after they had all left, that I haven't actually been alone in this house for more than 48 hours at one stretch; but, I have no choice about that, so I'm going to make the best of the choice I do have: my perspectve on it

(I'll try very hard)


Mel said...

Holy moly..What beautiful places to visit. I'm sure they'll come back with photos and stories galore!

In the meantime, hang on to that perspective/expectant attitude. There's an adventure unfolding, dontchaknow! :-)

Oh...and ten days til you're counting stars!! Lawn chair! Don't forget a lawnchair.
I can vouch for the stiff neck.

Dave said...

Think of all the housework you'll be able to do!

Rimshot said...

Love and Hugs!

Anonymous said...

the trick to that being alone stuff is to think not of who (or what) is missing, but rather focus on what is near and here


Dave said...

Norfolk's quite near.

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward, vicariously, to going to Cornwall. In fact, I'm "offley hoo!" (Ask Ziggi)

Mel said...

Where's Ziggi? LOL Apparently I need a translator and the Brit(s) aren't available at this hour. (go figure!)

Oh, but photos of where you're off and journeying to would be a good one, too. Much better than the the idea of housework? ;-)

I, Like The View said...

Mel I don't know if the internet reaches as far as where I'm going - so I might well have to share the views with you before I leave!

dinah eh? where is ZigZ!! I can't translate that one!!

I'm looking forward to you vicariously joining me in Polzeath!

Dave it is. . . but not quite near enough, sadly, I'm saving my energy for my trip to the South West. . . but thank you

planet four brand new kittens, two cats, a tankful of fish, my laptop, some tapestry, a beautiful smelling candle. . .


shot backatya!

Dave I'm working my way thru it - and some decorating. . .

Mel the first story: The Teen threw up on the plane, the luggage wasn't where it was supposed to be when they turned up, XCH had to take them shopping for alternative supplies and they all went to bed exhausted! it's an adventure alright, and they are only on their stop-over before they reach their first destination

I'm looking forward to the star gazing, don't need a chair - the cliffs are full of tufty hummocks of grass and thrift and are quite comfy to lie back on; might need a blacket tho - it's not warm in the Atlantic breeze!

Sorrow said...

Sharing the views,
of an empty house as my youngest is off at camp and the oldest prepares to go visit cousins.
empty for 3 weeks.
missing them, and they are not even gone.
~stands under the stars and waves~

Rog said...

Dave will join you Vicariously? Does that mean you're getting married?

I, Like The View said...

sorrow oh, I know where you're at! hugs sweetie

Rog that reminds me of when the man of her dreams turns up in Dibley and askes the vicar if she'll marry him


katherine. said...

with the three of them on holiday...think of all the housework you WON'T have to do!

It is a bit too still when they all leave...but they are only on vacation and not off to university or living on their

personally I would enjoy a week or so all to myself with no obligations...sigh

I, Like The View said...

katherine. they've been gone for five days and I'm still working my way thru the laundry. . .

. . .but talking of throwing the babies out with the bathwater (first image) at least there's always hot water when I want a bath! (usually The Teen gets it first)

I've had an update by text from XCH, The Teen threw up all over the plane on the way from London to Miami, all their luggage went straight to Belize, they had a fab time in the jungle and now are re-united with their suitcases and safely on the suba-diving island. . .

as I said, I'm still knee deep in laundry


I, Like The View said...

update: Nancy (Mini-Teen) went scuba-diving (yes, she's only 11 but she can dive already - kids of today, huh) and saw her first real live right in front of her swimming turtle