take your pick! I'm settling for a handful of nuts this morning. . .
(possibly with yougurt on some crunchy breakfast cereal) (altho, for a strange reason I do quite fancy the almonds, sliced, on top of a trifle) (it's been ages since I've had a really good trifle)


KAZ said...

Ah - trifle.
No jelly - lots of raspberry jam, cream and custard.
And the cake bit absolutely oooozing with booze.
Meanwhile I'd love a nut.

Mel said...


k....somehow it seems utterly justifiable to ask the 26YO.
So what if he returned to the house after 2am?! I mean, THIS is genuinely important!!!!!


Just coffee, please.
At least until further investigation.

Dave said...

Can I offer you a bowl of tomato soup?

Vicus Scurra said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.
I try so hard not to judge, but there really is no need to encourage people to add nuts to sweet dishes. There are plenty of folk out there deranged enough to try this for themselves.
My opinion of you will not degrade if you choose to sprinkle brazil nuts, acorns, engine oil, sawdust or ant droppings over your puddings, but please warn me if you are going to write about it, so that I may be on my way politely without depositing my lunch over the carpet.
And don't get me started on the subject of trifle. Whatever it is that is found at the bottom of said substance appears, at best, to have passed through the entrails of a diseased boar.

katherine. said...

welll....I was all excited about the almonds until I read Vicus comment...and now I have seemed to lost my appetite.

Dave said...

Please ignore Vicus - I suspect he's been offered too many nut roasts in his life.

Rimshot said...

entirely off topic... did you see they've made a movie out of "The Time Traveler's Wife"?

Also: "84 Charing..." is now among my very favorite reads!

Mel said...

I'm game for the tomato soup, actually.
Given that it's summer and I've not seen any for months now--I'm thinkin' I could go for some.

And given that I now know what trifle is--

Well, heck--lemme just stay with what I, black--ty!

Mel said...

OH--and so you know, there was a 'debate' on the patio on the difference between jelly and jam and preserves.

<-- thinks she won.....only cuz I said so. *laughing*

I, Like The View said...

jelly is clear, made from stewing the fruit in water and removing the fruit and then boiling the juice with sugar. . .

jam is made from boiling the fruit with water and sugar and then bottling everything. . .

. . .preserves are made from pouring a boiled sugar syrup over whole or sliced fruits already placed in a preserving bottle or jar. . .


<------ had a mother who used to do all that

<------ spent many hours as a child watching the boiled fruit juice drip thru muslin into a container ready for the jelly to be made and NOT touching the muslin

<------ has also jellied, jammed and preserved fruit in her time

<----- knows from watching International Velvet that "jelly" is "jam" the other side of the pond

oh Mel - I need a coffee but my machine is broken!


off topic shot I did read about that (TTTW film) a long time ago - is it coming out soon? and I'm so glad you like 84 CXRd!!

Dave I've had the nut roast conversation myself a few time's with Vicus - I knock up a mean one, it has to be said

katherine. almonds are so good for you and your mental health and did you know they help you sleep if eaten before bedtime? no! well you do now. . .

Vicus my dear dear man (well, not "mine", but you know what I mean) next time I will warn you

Dave can I take a rain check on that? next Friday, perhaps? (hot or gazpachio?)

Mel my coffee maching is still broken

what am I going to do?

KAZ plenty of nuts here! I can't believe you don't have jelly in your trifle! do you like raisins in your bread and butter pudding?!

Mel said...

Raisins? In bread and butter pudding?

k...Here I go again! *laughing*

I'd ask the 26YO but himself tells me he's feeling 'fragile' which is why a 'stay at home' was required yesterday.



Mel said...

<-- is 'chuffed' about getting jelly/jam/preserve right!

HA! :-)

*doing happy dance!!*

I, Like The View said...

you go girl!

yes, raisins. . . and freshly grated nutmeg (some people make it with marmalade)(imagine! marmalade. . .)

Dave said...

My soup was hot. By next friday it may be cold, of course.

Mel said...

k....I know how they make raisins. I've no idea how they make bread pudding whozit.

BUT!! You're going on holiday!!

Ummmmm....yaknow...WE ARE the handful of nuts.... :-)

mig said...

I am hungry. And those nuts look really extra nutty.
Fresh out of trifle though so I'll have to make do with biscuits!