on travelling

good, I'm glad we got that sorted!

now. . . where were we?
oh, I remember:

I can't be bothered to set up a new account,
so we'll use last year's, shall we. . .

if you'd like a postcard
email me @

your card will arrive with
best wishes, hugs & kisses from my hols
(not in France)
and NOTHING else
and that's a promise!

signed, sealed and delivered:

(I haven't gone yet, but I'm packing)


Dave said...

I don't need to ask, do I?

Sorrow said...

now I am going to ask..
pretty please?
with stars on top?

I, Like The View said...

erm, yes Dave! (I can't find my address book - d'oh)

stars, eh sorrow - I'll see what I can do! (but you'll need to remind me of your address, please)

Dave said...

Is your e-mail address still teh same, or have you lost that too? Will send my address.

I, Like The View said...

let's find out!

Rimshot said...

yay, soon to be mail that isn't a bill. How exciting! When do you leave and when will you be back?

Mel said...

Oh! OH!!


I just know some will come with stickers!

We've not moved yaknow..still the little yellow house on the corner.


Oh..I'm so excited for you.
And photos!
Don't forget the camera!!

Mel said...

Can I just mention how much I like the font thingies?


VERY cool!!

Mel said...

Are ya gone yet? Are you gone yet?

<-- very much a trouble-maker

Dave said...


I, Like The View said...

afternoon, Dave

(very amusing)

not quite yet Mel - which is just as well as I haven't finished my packing yet!

the font thingies are because the other day I saw "Ransom Letter" fridge magnets (which were so cool the shpo had sold out of them) and it made me wonder if you can get ransom letter fonts!! which you can. . .

and it's a good thing I haven't finished the packing, because I need to make sure I take my sticker collection, don't I! (last year's ones were sold in the shop that sold the postcards, but where I'm going isn't quite as cool as that!)

shot and I will enjoy sending each and every one of them! can't disclose that on-line, cos otherwise I'll come home to find my house burgaled (however that's spelt)

katherine. said...

this is gonna be so fun....

doin' the happy dance

mig said...

Oh how lovely. I shall miss you but I'll think of you enjoying your time away!
And yes please :) May I have one?

Mel said...


Geeze.......she's so polite.....

Yes, please--a bazillion...with stickery things, too!


<-- going to the 'greedy little monger' corner......


Dave said...

Good morning.

Mel said...

Morning! :-)

Rimshot said...

ooo, stickery things sounds wonderful!

Donn said...

It's that time of year again already? The way that tempus is fugiting is making me nervous.

As Johnny Rotten sang so eloquently,
"Oye wunna 'oliday inna Sun-na"

Anonymous said...

Ooh! Yes, please, I would like another postcard. I still use this (waves long strip-card of sunset at screen)as bookmark.
Also, please email me your current postal address cos I think I got 'em muddled.
And do have a bon voyage. (If I could remember how to say that in Cornish (Kernowan) I would!)

Waves bye-bye...

Dave said...

Ooooh. I get to say 'pinch and a punch for the first of the month'!

Mel said...

I hope you know you're missed!

Awful dang quiet around this joint.....

Dave said...

Thank you for my card. I did recognise the view.

Mel said...

Yup....it's awful darn quiet over here.

And over here. *sigh*

I do hope the sun is shining and wonderful adventures are being had!
I intend to create one today.


mig said...

Ooh! It came it came!
And she's enjoying the view : )

Mel said...

YEAH!! IT CAME for you!!

I'm so glad to hear she's enjoying the view.
I mean really, really, really glad!!!

I'm enjoying the quiet.



k.....I lied.....LOL

katherine. said...

so dave got his...in the UK
and mig got hers...also in the UK

then Mel's arrived...mid way on this continent.

how long does it take to get to the west coast???

impatient bitch that I am....

Anonymous G said...

I am beyond delighted!!

I didn't dare ask for a postcard. I've been absent from these parts for quite some time.

Not totally absent, of course. Because I knew our dear ILTV was on holiday.

I squealed with joy when I found my pretty postcard in my mailbox.




(it is beautious. i SO love the ocean's crashing waves...)

zIggI said...

and where's mine EH??


hope you're having a lovely time!

Mel said...

*laughing at the 'impatient bitch that she is'*

Welllllllllll.... They do call it 'snail mail' for a reason?

(((((((((( katherine ))))))))))))

Poor thing won't be able to have coffee on the terrace for all the postage she's having to invest in!

k....that's a lie--she's having coffee and watching the doings around her.
Betcha it's really, really good coffee. :-)

Rimshot said...

ILTV's holidays are the happiest time of the year for my mailbox! :-)

Dave said...

I've had two now. The second one was all about cricket.

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh.....all about the bugs I send to their death.

k...I'm betting that's not the 'cricket' Dave's referring to.

I do hope the sun is shining and the pools have all kinds of treasures to be found.


Mel said...

Oh, to have that view over coffee...

Oh! And what a view of the meteor showers! I do hope you looked up to see the show. :-)

Z said...

I've had two too - thank you so much. Beautiful scenery, made me wish I was there too. I'm going about half way there on Monday but I don't have your address so I can't return the favour (unless you arrive home this weekend, in which case do send it).


Mel said...

Ohhhhhh...but I got THE msot awesome card yesterday--with seashell stickery thingies and a little boat!! :-)

*happy sigh*

I do hope you're enjoying all the little boats and seashells --and that the sun is shining warm on you!

katherine. said...

I live soooo very far away...

but I got a post card and a letter today!

"happy sigh" too....

smile...it looks like a wonderful place...

Dave said...

Are you home yet?

mig said...

Not back yet?
Oh well :(
Soon though?

Mel said...

Well, I'll hope you're not home and that you're by the seaside making more awesome memories!


Mel said...

I hear tell it's hot, hot, hot.... Of course, it was hot, hot, hot all of last week here. I'm thinkin' it's just finding there. We'll try to keep the rain for you so there's more sunny beach days! :-)

Malc said...

Excellent! thanks for the card. Hope you have had/are having a fabulous time.

mig said...

Ooh more cards :)
Little boats and rope and lovely colours.

Mel said...


And familiar places and sites cuz I think I've seen 'em here, actually.
Which is WAY cool to see 'em here AND to get a postcard from there! :-)

k......makes sense to me. *laughing*

Do you know you're missed bunches around this joint?!

Geeze, I hope you have a clue about how true that is!!


mig said...

Another few hugs in case you're back?
(((((((((((((( I )))))))))))))))))

katherine. said...

sea stones all smooth and colorful!

I really like getting real mail that doesn't require bill paying or some other task.

I need to start writing letters again.