this time yesterday I was paddling in those
and right now? (well, not right now, obviously - I mean I can multitask, but that's taking it to extremes) I'm working my way thru a pile of laundry bigger than the highest tor on Bodmin Moor. . .
hope you're all well! when I finish the unpacking I'll find the camera battery recharger and the cable (yes, I took them all the way there; no, I didn't use them) and if you're really, really lucky I'll upload some. . .
so - how's your summer been?


Dave said...



I, Like The View said...


(was over chez toi, catching up)

Dave said...

I know. I deliberately posted the same comment that you did at the Ashes post - with added exclamation.

I, Like The View said...

sorry - mind too sozzled by the mountain of laundry for that penny to have dropped

had some tomato soup while I was away that looked a little like yours! (altho I think the other chef roasted the tomatoes first, and then also added some basil. . .)(and threw in some croutons)(but apart from that, yours reminded me of it)

Mel said...

You're back!! You're back!!!!

Yeah, yeah...piles of laundry, stuff to unpack and put away.....whatever.....

You're back!!! :-)

Gosh. All brown and with sea rocks, I'm sure!

Oh! AND with photos!!!

Good girl! :-)

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!!

mig said...

You're back!!!!!
Well that's brightened up my day - I do believe the sun is coming out :)
And photos too and cable and camera and every thing? Overflowing wonderfulness.
((((((((((((((( I ))))))))))))))))

I, Like The View said...

oh Mig - I managed to take some lovely photos, and then the weather was a little grim so (apart from moody photos of clouds and drizzle) I didn't take any for a while. . . until the last morning, when the sun came out - so I ditched the children in the hot chocolate and/or icecream cafe, set off with the camera for a last few quiet moments: found the barnacles and blast it if the blooming battery on the camera had run out


. . .I made all sorts of unprintable noises. . .


. . .and had to rely on the camera on my phone for the lichen covered stones around a secret door on the cliff that I'd spotted and was saving until a sunny morning. . .

oh well!!

we'll see how the phone photos turn out

*crosses fingers*

(-: thanks for the hugs - more wonderfulness

Mel!!!!! I missed you so much!!!! 'tis true, am all brown (and peeling slightly, but we'll pretend that's not happening for the moment) with lovely pebbles (spent three days collecting little white round ones), pebbles with lines on (will explain later), some slate rocks, not as many shells as I normally bring back, masses of feathers (first time I've collected feathers, so that will be interesting), some seaweed (the POVSs made me throw away most of the seaweed because they said it smelt - amateurs!), one of each of the postcards that I sent. . .

. . .you get the picture!

do hope that you're ok and that The Brit's folks are ok and so is Himself. . .

now - have to find the camera battery recharger, set that sorted whilst I put another load of laundry on. . . maybe make a coffee? yeah - that sounds good! perhaps I'll do that first. . .


I really missed you lovely people. . . Dave, Mig and Mel

really missed you

(and Vicus, but he's not here, so he doesn't know)

I, Like The View said...

(and Katherine!)

katherine. said...

you are home!

oh...it sounds like you had a wonderful time...I am so glad!

mountains of laundry? I am impressed you are unpacked already!

Looking forward to pictures.

rocks and feathers?
heavy and light.

big smile

KAZ said...

(and Kaz)
My summer (August) has been cold, windy and wet.
Glad you got some sunshine.
Looking forward to more details. Will there be Crunchie tomorrow?

Vicus Scurra said...

Nice to see you back here. Your absence has been recorded.

I, Like The View said...

it's lovely to be back, oh dear one sweet one


yes KAZ!! I missed you and your wisdom too. . . and thought of you when I was perusing the new range in Top Shop today - do you think I'll be mutton dressed as lamb if I succumb to Top Shop. . . perhaps that's a question better left unaswered, given your recent sartioral posting


as for the Crunchies - coming up!

katherine. I did have a wonderful time

*happy, happy sigh*

it won't ever be the same again tho (of which, more later)


oh well!

Rimshot said...

Welcome home and many thanks for the lovely postcards!

katherine. said...

I am still getting mail....smile.

I, Like The View said...

oh shot. . . did you enjoy it as much as I did?


I so want to be back on the beach. . .


might have to send you some $$$ so you could maybe pretty please send me some more of those cool map alphabet stickers!


katherine. glad it's making you smile, still!

mig said...

Oh a secret door!
It's so good to have you back :)

Mel said...

Oh my......feathers and rocks with lines--secret doors and seaweed. *happy sigh*

Yup--you've definitely been to the seaside.
White rocks--we've an abundance, you know. Himself was a white rock/pebble picker upper.
Now me--I snagged everything. They were ALL beautiful. And they're all in bottles of water, glimmering at me when I give a glance.

Okay....that's it! I need to go to the beach!!!
Or....I need to get the beach in a box out and build a sandcastle. (next best thing under the present circumstances. LOL)