pinch, punch

apple pie for July
(thanks katherine.)

and a flock of birds
(don't know why!)


Dave said...

Coo, this year is flashing by, isn't it? Soon be my birthday.

I, Like The View said...


zIggI said...

good lord is it July already?

You have to do lots of different new things so that your memory works hard to make time slow down, either that or move at the speed of light.

Mel said...


No lie?
(not trying--just sayin' it should NOT be here already....)

katherine. said...

apple pie with coffee for breakfast...what a wonderful way to start the month!

actually apple pie is not so different than many a breakfast pastry is it?

I agree that July should not be here yet...sigh...

KAZ said...

Those are Red billed gulls.
What's Ziggi on about?
She sounds like Albert Einstein.

Mel said...

AND if you have it with ice cream--you get your dairy product!

Geeze, katherine--you're brilliant!

Yes, please--apple pie, please.

Sorrow said...

No no no
NOT a flock of seagulls!
>>>>>>>starts humming......
" and I raaaaan I ran so far away....."

Mel said...


mig said...

I'm in denial about July.

Love the gulls and apple pie though:)