I ♥ Polzeath #3

there is way more seaweed to come, you lucky lucky people you. . . (be prepared, be very prepared); in the meantime:

. . .my funny little old family hotel (centre left of image)
perfectly situated on the cliff;
old fashioned and a little grotty, but clean and cheap;
recently sold and about to be knocked down and rebuilt as a luxury resort;
I'll never be able to stay there again

. . .crazy golf
. . . life guards
. . .ice cream
. . .sandcastles
. . .and how to keep your three POVSs (people of various sizes) happy on a rainy windy day, during a long long long game of Risk


Morton Shadow said...

They're taking no chances with that red and yellow flag, are they?



katherine. said...

that brownie and berry looks delicious....

sand castles!!!

a shame that your funny little hotel is going to be knocked down...but what a great place for memories of this trip!

I, Like The View said...

Mort the red and yellow flags mark out where swimmers (yes, some of us still swim in the Atlantic) and body boarders can swim and body board. . .

the surfers' area has black and white flags. . .

but you're right - they are huge!

katherine. there was one sand carving one day that took my breath away - the only day I didn't have any form of photographic reproduction about my person. . .

I was the room-service delivery gal for my three on cold days (of which we had a few) - buying their love with chocolate cake works, sometimes

Dave said...

You could try buying my love with some, if you like.

I, Like The View said...


you continue to surprise me, Dave

Rimshot said...


And while good Sir Dave's love may be of more worth, thus the higher cost, mine is freely given and without price.

mig said...

Trying to read what it says above hello ?:+

What a shame about the grotty little hotel. But perhaps next time you could get a special deal if you tell them you used to stay in it.

Dave said...

I do my best not to be predicatable.

Good evening.

KAZ said...

Awesome sand castle - but rather phallic isn't it?
I trust you didn't make it.

I, Like The View said...

sadly I didn't make that sandcastle KAZ - and you're right, mine would have been slightly more curvy and voluptuous. . .

Dave so I can rely on you not to be predictable then. . .

mig I wrote the "hello" and took the photo without clocking what was in thre rest of the photo

it is a such a shame about the hotel - and I don't think the new owners will be letting anyone grab a bargain in their new place )-: (once it's been built)

shot "grotty" means kind of run-down, full of furniture that is from another era but is not vintage, the most awful carpets everywhere, televisions in the rooms that don't work (which was a blessing in this instance), showers will dreadful water pressure, most rooms don't even have en-suite so you use communal bathrooms (mind you, once Jemima Khan was in one of those wrapped in a towel - so it can't all be bad); imagine Fawlty Towers without Basil and you'll get the picture

thanks for the lerve XXX

Mel said...

Way cool.... WAY cool!

Just what I needed this fine Thursday morning.

I, Like The View said...

hugs Ms Mel, dearheart, big ones

Mel said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!

(for the hugs and for the photos.....)

They're magnificent, indeed.
And truly--a wonderful gift to find awaiting me this morning.

(((((((( ILTV )))))))))

LOL Don't ya love how I just made that all about mememe...LOL

Thank you, ma'am.
This time--humbly stated.

I, Like The View said...

it can be all about you, that's fine with me!

more hugs, and have some of those peacefilled thoughts whilst you're about it