(People Of Various Sizes)
The Teen
(sixteen tomorrow)
with all the moodiness that goes with it
and the smiles too:

Teen Too (formerly known as Middle One)
thirteen-and-a-half and almost six foot tall
he's just checking that I really did
add up the crazy golf scores correctly. . .

just twelve, going on 30-something
can still spin like a toddler* on the bungee-trampoline tho!
(*a long time ago, in France, the bungee-trampoline guy
called her his "petite ange qui vols"**)
(**or whatever the French for "my little flying angel" is)


katherine. said...

big smile

a good time was had by all!

what great looking kids.

mig said...

There's something so reassuring and content-making about photos of children, on holiday, grinning at the camera. Or doing the 'going on 30 thing :)

Rimshot said...


My boy turned 21 on Aug 12th. YIKES!

Sorrow said...

What a handsome group you have here..
looks like they were very in character!

I, Like The View said...

sorrow I've shown you some of the in-character shots. . . with their permission, of course

shot yeah, yikes - but you started earlier than I did! did he have a good celebraiton? hope so

mig they are such a good bunch, when they are full of chocolate cake. . . we had a great time!

Mel said...

Oh, they're gorgeous--and typically teens/almost teens.

And ohhhhhhhh....I think I'd like the bouncey thingy--IF it wasn't about going upside down.
G....I betcha she went upside down over and over and over again....

oygeeze..... I WAS gonna be hungry for ice cream(think it was the ultra cool ice cream truck!)......LOL Changed my mind! ;-)

Mel said...

(and I must say--that first photo is awesome!)

I, Like The View said...

the first photo kinda sums the boy up - the second was a rare event! (but I now have the evidence!!)

I'm rubbish on that bungee trampoline thing - can't even bounce, let alone flip - but I figure if I have a girl like that, she can do the bouncing for me