from The Teen, for Friday

(apparrently it's a reference to something that none of you will get. . . I'll be back when I've had my coffee)


Dave said...

Presumably 'the cake is a lie' is a reference to the game 'Portal'.

In other words: 'your promised reward is merely a fictitious motivator.'

Roberta Fleck said...

I once got freaked out whilst being driven in an ex-boyfriend's wealthy father's car whilst on a particularly hallucinogenic UHU rush. It was one of those really expensive cars that had a computerised voice that would issue instructions and tell you where you were on your journey and everything. One day, as we were about to pull off the car refused to start and an automated voice kept repeating..

"The door is a jar...the door is a jar....the door is a jar...."

Certainly gives you something to think about though, doesn't it?


Anyway - many happy returns and, whether it exists or not, enjoy your slice of Birthday cake!


Mel said...


<-- works with little whippersnappers....LOL and I didn't even haffta use a search engine!

Yup.....LOL....the cake is a lie! ;-)

Happy birthday cake eating.
Ummmmm....yes please, I'll take a slice of the lie.

Sorrow said...

please pass the coffee, I'll pass on the Lie.

Donn w/2 Ns said...

I fell so old and decidedly UN-hip :(

katherine. said... must be having a great deal of coffee as you are not back yet...

I, Like The View said...

oh katherine. - I'm not having great coffee at the moment, as my machine's broken and I overspent on the holiday and can't afford to replace it (it's unfixable)

donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn you're not the only one!

<--------- me too!!!!

Sorrow if you don't mind substandard coffee, it's on its way

Mel you are one cool dude lady! I'll tell him, he'll be chuffed

'berta hi. . . can I call you Mort. . .?

Dave how did you know that?!?!?!?

mig said...

Has he read This Is Not A Game by Walter Jon Williams?

May I have a piece of portal?

I, Like The View said...

apparently not! and yes, of course you may


mig said...

It's a thriller about gamers. He might like it.

Thankyou :)