the piece above is one of Richard Long's, titled One Hour (I am still thinking about the exhibition of his work that I went to a couple of weeks ago)
White Water Line, below, is from a previous exhibition. . . . . .and thinking about white (everything) (you know, how white is everything and black is nothing?) made me think about white light:
isn't that just so beautiful?

it brings so much to the imagination. . .

I don't know if one of his objectives is to get you to do your own thinking, but that is one effect that the art has on me
I'll finish for the moment with another look at that white line
but, when I have the time to do this properly, I'm going to come back to the exhibition once more time and tell you about my favourite part, six of Long's sculptures - of which I found a photo that someone (not me) had very cheekily taken. . .


Dave said...

Hmm. I believe I may be a philistine (sp?).

I, Like The View said...

I'm sure it's just the definition of "art". . .

if work that wasn't a more traditional painting had some other word to describe it, so you didn't think that it was supposed to be "art", as you understand "art", you'd not be a philistine. . .

(or didn't you find that pile of slate you photographed the other day beautiful and wonderous?)

Dave said...

Ah yes, I certainly saw beauty in it, but in a natural way, I suppose.

I know I composed the photo, and deliberately enhanced the contrast to bring out the effect, thus turning my photo into a work of art, I suppose, but if someone had arranged that heap of slate in a gallery, I'd find it harder to feel it was art.

mig said...

Now what I want to know about White Water Line is did it come straight from his head or did he start from a view or a photo or drawings or what.
I'm very grateful to him for arranging the circular poem so you can read it without turning your head upside down :)
And yes the rainbow is lovely.
(Looking forward to hearing about the cheeky photo one :)

I, Like The View said...

mig I took copious notes of his writings around the exhibit - at some stage I shall write them up, some of them explain his work, his approach

Dave I don't suppose there's any way that I could get a print of your lovely slate photo? (especially the section with the lichen)

I was trying to work out if I could download it somehow onto some kind of techincal wizzardry and take it to a shop and have them print it out largely (with your permission, of course)

one of the things about Long's "heap"s, as you put it, is that it brings that natural beauty to those of us who don't get to see it in nature - only he has additionally lovingly arranged each pile in a truly wonderful way


but then, of course, that's the delight of art - one wo/man's work/of art is another man's heap of rock


Dave said...

It's a small size pic on the blog. I'll e-mail you the full size pic, and of course you can load it onto a memory stcik and get it printed. If I had a decent printer i'd do it for you, but I'm having probs with mine at the moment.

Vicus Scurra said...

As you know, I don't do visual art, so you will have to rely on these other people for comment.

KAZ said...

White is fabulous. The possibilities are endless.

Mel said...

Okay.......but I'm having a difficult time trying to keep my feets from following that squiggly line allllllllllll the way up/down the hall.

I'd get in LOADS of trouble in his exhibitions--I'd be rearranging and dancing on the lines (literally!!).

See now, I think it's FUN!

Yeah, yeah.......this is why I'm a proud 'Circle of Clue-less corners' member, huh? ;-)

Donn w/2 Ns said...

I seem to recall taking a few hits of violet wild cyclamen at a Rave..
or was that what the chemist prescribed to clear up that weird rash on me naughty bits?