just when you thought it was safe

to do something more interesting

than (whatever it was I was doing a couple of days ago). . .
. . .you (well, me) get a phone call from school asking you (me) (you get the idea, but for some reason I can't write in the first person) to come and collect a POVS who is "not well"
this, "not well",
is always a BAD SIGN
usually schools stick a poorly POVS in the sick room and send them home as per their usual method of transport at the end of the day
that's what happened to me when I was 12 and had appendicitis - spent all day in the sick room after throwing up in the morning and then walked home on my own
ho hum
am I bitter? no. . . but that (and other medical experiences from my teens) does make me want to be a GOOD PARENT and never leave one of my own POVSs in a similar state
so, I begged the silver soft-top from XCH and drove to school
"not well" was a slight understatement regarding the POVS concerned, so I drove straight to the nearest A&E. . .
. . .two hospitals, one blue-flashing ambulance transfer, six wards, four consultants, twenty three doctors (SHOs, senior registrars. . . yadda yadda), 40+ nursing staff (I gave up counting, not out of boredom but out of confusion) later and the medical people still don't know what's wrong. . .
. . .however, he (yes it's The Teen) (had to be didn't it!) is getting better (or, as he puts it, he's back to his "bitter and sarcastic self"*) (*as demonstrated by his calling** one of the consultants*** a moron) (**who'd be a parent?) (***fortunately the consultant**** had a sense of humour) (****or perhaps he has teens of his own?)
in a 24 hour period The Teen had five litres of fluid, various bags of glucose and potassium, intravenous broad spectrum antibiotics thru two cannulas, a chest x-ray, a CT scan (but they didn't do the lumbar puncture in the end) (thank goodness); he had venous and arterial blood taken for culturing, swabs from mouth throat and nose, (and other samples of which I'll spare you the details) (wish I had been), to be tested for malaria, swine flu, various serious viral and bacterial blood infections, tonsillitis. . . then they ran out of ideas
where's HOUSE MD when you need him?
on the other hand, thank g*d (or your favourite deity) for the NHS
altho they don't know what's wrong, the care my child received was beyond excellent: I could not fault it, (one ward even gave me a camp bed so I didn't have to spend another night on a floor) and - most importantly - he's getting better
so, apologies for not visiting you, dear reader, but normal service might not be resumed for a while


Mel said...


*sending prayers and my better angels*

(((((((((( ILTV ))))))))))))
I know it's gotta be really, really scary.

((((((( the teen ))))))))))

Dave said...

Don't worry about us. We're big people. You take care of your own.

I won't offer him a hug from me - don't think he'd want it.

Seductress said...

"...care my child received was beyond excellent: I could not fault it"

Cameron'll soon see to that, I,.

I wondered what had been keeping you...



KAZ said...

How absolutely terrifying for you.
So glad he's being rude again - and hope you get a diagnosis.
Don't forget to give yourself lots of TLC.

Rimshot said...

Heartfelt prayers and many good thoughts being sent The Teen's way.

dinahmow said...

A scary experience for all concerned. Pleased the lad is on the up. And, what Kaz said about TLC for self!

mig said...

Oh my goodness! So so glad he's getting better and I do hope they work out what it was. What a nightmare for you - I hope you're not still having to stay (even on a camp bed) any more and that you're getting some sleep. And remembering to eat!!!
(((((((((((((( I )))))))))))))
(Congratulate the Teen for me on his survival :)

(Thank heavens it wasn't tonsillitis!)

Z said...

How terrifying - do hope they find out the cause and put it right.

Vicus Scurra said...

Love and Peace.
And tell him this is what happens if you don't eat your greens.

Dave said...

Mind you, if you do eat up your vegetables, you'll end up looking like Vicus.

Mel said...

*sending more prayers and healing thoughts*

Be taking care of you, too ma'am...

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

Sorrow said...

Nothing worse in the world than a sick baby
and no answers..
Holding you and the sarcastic teen in my thoughts and sending prayers of many sorts that all is healthy and well with you and yours!!!

mig said...

Quick hugs - hope he's still improving.

Donn w/2nz said...

OMG there is nothing more terrifying...hope you take advantage of this time to get your battery recharged.

I hope they get some new ideas..you're right about needing House.

I, Like The View said...

thank you everyone! (especially for the lovely hugs! I like those)

we're home: he's better and I'm knackered

thank you, dear people. . .

Mel it was very very scary. . .

Dave I miss you big people!

'berta as I sat about in various hospitals, my child surrounded by numerous medical and ancilliary staff, everyone supported by thousands of ££s worth of equipment, one thought which crossed my mind was "thank g*d (or your favourite deity) for the investment in the NHS"

KAZ it was terrifying, I'm catching up on missed sleep now

shot thank you, my FAF

dinah TLC for self being applied!

mig if I tell you that there were three coffee shops within the immediate vicinity of the hopspital (including one in the atrium) you'll know how I managed to get thru it!

Z upon discharging him they still hadn't found the cause, but broad spectrum antibiotics seem to be doing the trick. . . I'm now wondering what happened to all the blood they were culturing!

Vicus amazingly, he is the one who does eat his greens (excluding broad beans. . .)

Dave the only reason The Teen doesn't already look like Vicus is because his school is very strict about hair cuts

Mel thank you; I couldn't then (apart from the coffee), but I am now

sorrow you understand!

mig he is - lovely hugs

Donnnnnnnnnnnn w/ lots of nz one of the reasons he was seen by so many doctors was because he was proving to be a medical anomoly - very very ill, with no obvious cause; and he's just 16, so that strange age between childhood and adultness: 6'3" and built like a man - but apparently will not have grown-up blood pressure or heart rate until he's 25 (did you know that?! I didn't. . . when he was in intensive care one of the consultants kept shouting it at the team of doctors)

again, thank you everybody for the support and kind thoughts


Dave said...

A hug for you now.

Mel said...

Oh I'm so glad things are better. I'm sure you and he would feel better with an answer--but undercontrol and healing is good enough for now......

((((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))))

Catch up on taking care of you, please.
And continued good wishes for the Teen.
What a fiasco it sounds like you waded through.....

mig said...

So so glad he's better. And also that you're looking after yourself now and that there was coffee nearby. No matter how frantic you are about your children it helps to have some creature comforts available.

(I didn't know children have a different heart rate and blood pressure! Sort of obvious I suppose when they're little but surprising when they've grown big).

Mel said...

Just checking in and checking up on the healing of the Teen and the resting up of the mom!

I hope both of you are doing well.

*hugs and warm thoughts*

zIggI said...

Heck Jax, I missed this bit earlier, thank god he's on the mend, **phew** big hugs to you all!