and back in the land of the living

my laptop is making very strange noises. . .

(is that normal? no, I didn't think so either) however, for some reason I'm thinking of The Day of The Dead (even tho it's not quite the end of the month yet)

and I dreampt about frost on a field. . .which for some reason took me here:



Dave said...

It is a little autumnal, but the sun's shining today.

dinahmow said...

I was just reading your comment about Ronnie's book when your post showed up. Lovely frosty pictures!

I, Like The View said...

dinah I was dreaming of frost and if I lived in the country I think I'd have woken up to it. . . that book is AMAZING!!!

Dave it's beautiful and clear here too, hence the chilly night I suppose - lovely and fresh tho (she writes, from the warmth of her living room)

Mel said...


We had frost on the pumpkins Saturday and yesterday--and probably again this morning.

Suppose to get above the freezing mark and head into the 50's this week.
Suddenly 50's seem warm.

Silly laptops.
Apparently mine's having 'sympathetic pains' (I can hope) for yours. Last night it went nite-nite without me telling it to....overheated methinks..
It has nothing to do with the bazillion photos on the darn thing, I'm sure.

((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))

G'morning, g'morning, g'morning!!


I, Like The View said...

good morning Ms Mel! I keep my laptop on a wire cookie rack so that it doesn't overheat. . .

thank you for the hugs - now he's better, I'm feeling a tad under par

but not sick (just knackered) (so don't hug too close - don't want you catching anything)


zIggI said...

we had frost this morning brrrrr

Mel said...

Yup. Pumpkin's still here!! :-)

I just came for the smile.
It worked!!

Thank you, thank you!
(no worries--I have Lysol and disinfectant hand wash!)

((((((((((((( ILV )))))))))))))))

mig said...

I thought we might have frost yesterday but we didn't. Though it was very cold and fresh.
Hope the lap top is ok!