on me 'ols. . .

. . .however, you are more than welcome to coffee (or tea, Dave) in my absence - I found a special mug!



Spadoman said...

Damn! Closed. I wonder when this joint will open up again. I like coming here!

katherine. said...

she'll be back soon...but I'll have some coffee while we wait...

Dave said...

Do hope you have a lovely time.

I'll try not to pine away without you.

Sorrow said...

Smiling and waving!
have a good time!

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhhh.....very cool cup!

Yup--black, tyvm.

I just know you'll have a grand time.....and we'll hold down the joint while you're gone!

zIggI said...

thinking of you!!

Happy Hols

Rimshot said...

I miss her. :(

mig said...

Looks like fantastic weather in LA. I'm enjoying the thought of you enjoying the sun.

Anonymous G said...

I just finished my coffee and didn't even KNOW that I was having it with the company of HERE!

You're gone? Are you coming to CA?
If you can email me, and there's ANY possibility I can meet you. At the beach? Email me?

rainygayle at gmail

dot com.

Happy Travels!

Mel said...

Awful quiet around this joint.


The coffee's good though! :-)

Mel said...

Wow.....look at that! 81 degrees and SUNNY in LA today.


GREAT day for enjoying the beach!

<-- will sip coffee and smile knowing you've got AWESOME weather

84 tomorrow, even! Woooohoooo!

<-- sipping and smiling!!!

katherine. said...

<----- having coffee

I heard Los Angeles was having earthquake weather. Nothing big...just a little tremor....for the experience.

Is there any popcorn left?

Rimshot said...

Just made myself a cuppa...made me think of ILTV and this place. Which made me smile.

I hope all of you are having a WONDERFUL Thursday! Be good to each other.

Mel said...

(((((((( Rim )))))))))) Be good to you, too, sir!

Yup...popcorn will happen now that it's evening time.
Got balsamic vinegar? :-)

Ohhhh......81 AND Earthquake--there's a good ol' LA experience for her! Small one, of course.... :-)

I, Like The View said...

blast - I left you all a comment and it was eaten. . .

it was something along the lines of how very interesting and how very hot and very sunny it is, but not trembling, and how amazing the coffees are and how I can't find a post office for stamps for all your cards but I have found a really really great coffee shop where we could all go for a treat tomorrow. . .

. . .and just look at the pretties they make with the foam on the lattes!

oh, and I had a bit of a winge about a blister on my foot, but perhaps I won't go on about that in case that was the reason blogger ate my comment (how could anyone moan about being here having such a wonderful time in the gorgeous heat and sunshine?)(but it is the reason I can't walk one and a half miles to the post office)(that wasn't a winge or a moan, but a reason for the delay inthe posting of your cards)(of which I have bought many!)

lots of love y'all, I'm mssing you too (but having lots of fun!)

Anonymous G said...

I'm currently having coffee and crying over it.

Our lovely "I" is so close I can almost feel her, but I'm unable to meet up with her due to out of my control circumstances.

Sh*t!! wwaaahhhhh.....



Happy Weekend, everyone!

Mel said...

(((((((( G ))))))) things are as they are suppose to be.

Uh huh.....lots of cool swirly things in coffees.
For sure you're by a good cuppa coffee! That's what counts--and the sunshine and beaches and lattes!
Darn blisters...
No worries--pace yourself and go where you can as you can....lots!

Oh, I'm soooooo glad you're enjoying the California experience.

Mel said...

Yes thank you--a duckie swirly coffee, please!

Well, I figured you were taking lessons.....right?


mig said...

Ooh! how lovely. Except, um, green coffee??? I have to know if you tried that!
Are you back yet????
Dying to hear all about it :)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhh.....they make hearts and bears! And pretty leafs!


<-- wants a duckie latte

Or a dinosaur.

k....probably pushin' it on the dinosaur, huh?

Are ya home yet, are ya home yet?

Mel said...

Well, the sign DOES say 'Please call again'.
And the coffee's good.
And there's cool whitecups...

Just sayin'.

katherine. said...

Fancy meeting you here Miz Mel...

I've come for the coffee as well.

I, Like The View said...

I'm home. . .

*happy sigh*

I had a great time. . .

*happy sigh*

I'm trying to find the camera cable

*disgruntled grunt*


love to y'all



Mel said...

You're back you're back you're back......lalala you're back!


Ohhhhhhh...nice tan!!

I, Like The View said...

(Mel the tan is knee high, then there's a gap until my shoulders whch are quite brown. . .)(Mig the green drink is something called a Chai Tea, I believe - not that I'd ever have one. . .)(I'm going off to sort more photos to show you now!)