all too soon the sun set on my little jaunt to the City of Angels
and now I'm home
anyway, far more importantly. . .

. . .how are you?!


Dave said...

You're back! You're back!

The sun's come out and the zombies have all slunk away.

Hope you had a wonderful time.

I, Like The View said...

*emerges from laundryarmageddon*

yes, I'm home. . .

*sinks back into the pile of unwashed items*

(none of them mine, I have to tell you. . . I am not even close to approaching unpacking) (altho, naturally, the POVS have raided my luggage for their presents) (one of which went down very well, with The Teen. . .)

Spadoman said...

Good to see you back. I hope your travels were good and safe.
If I remember, last time you returned from a trip there was talk of laundry. I'm sure that task will keep you busy, but glad you're here just the same.


katherine. said...


laundry....a mother's work is never done..

glad you had a great time....can't wait to hear all about it!

Vicus Scurra said...

Thank heavens you are back. I will bring round my socks for your attention forthwith.

I, Like The View said...

Vicus I hope you have lots of them. . .

it seems in my absence that one child (who shall remian nameless) has only generated two pairs of socks, a t-shirt and one (1) pair of underpants

I ask you - every man knows that you can wear one pair of pants four (4) times (rightway around, back to front, inside out, back to front and inside out) - but I was away for seven (7) days

ho hum

katherine. I'm sorting out the photos, and the stories, right now


man I'll spare you the details of the other topics/activities which were waiting for me upon my return

but if I focus, I'm sure I'll be able to remember trip


erm, did I actually go away?

<--- goes off to look at photos

Mel said...


There's photos and stories and......*sigh* laundry.

More disturbing is the absense of laundry.
Maybe the 'shall remain nameless' did a load of their own!
I'm sure that's it!
Awwwwww......what a considerate child. I mean, did a load or not--how considerate to take you (and coming back to piles of laundry!) into consideration!


Mel said...

(((((((((( ILTV )))))))))

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!! :-)

mig said...

All the better for you being back :)
Aaw, shame about the laundry :) Safest not to unpack till you've sorted out a space to do it among the mountains. I'm sure kids clothes breed when you're away!
((((((((((( I ))))))))))))))

Anonymous said...

I told my LA friend you'd be in his neighbourhood and he apparently waved at every cute little blonde he saw. (His lawyer hopes to have him bailed next week...)
Pleased you had a good time.Shame about the laundry.

I, Like The View said...

dinah the laundry is part of my life (a huge part) which I'm willing to participate in. . .

I'm not that little - hope he was waving at the right girl!! (actually, due to a slight error with one of those do-it-yourself, dye-it-yourself, hair boxes, I'm no longer blonde either. . . HUGE MISTAKE. . . I'll get back there tho)(eventually)

I did have a great time!!! thanks XX

mig good thing children don't breed, I can't handle the three I've got. . .

I've now completed my washing, you'll be pleased to know, but not quite the "hanging back up of outfits not worn" (always I problem of mine, taking too many outfits) (better than running out of clothes, I always think)(when I'm packing)(not when I'm unpacking)

Mel those hugs are worth coming home to, dearheart

I've now discovered that the "missing" underclothes are still at his father's. . . his father's not big into laundry - so I guess at some stage he'lll run out of pants over there and the dirsty ones will be worn back here and I'll end up washing them


I have tried to teach them about laundry, but truth be told if I did that my usefullness would be reduced

<---- guilty as charged