or should it be

surfing USA?
(The Beach Babes)
will it be warm enough to wear a swimsuit?


Mel said...

Dunno.......when are you going and what do you define as 'warm'?

When ARE you going?
And what's the occassion? :-)

BTW--I chuckled at the swimsuit selection. I'll trust yours is a bit more....ummm......up to date?

Gosh......I can't remember the last time I was actually IN a swimsuit.....

Yeah--well then....I'll just resume humming, shall I? ;-)

Anonymous G said...

as far as the weather...

it's cool & raining today.

suppposed to warm up to upper 70s by the weekend. (uhhh... that would be 25 celcius?)

i'm not on santa monica, but i'm not all that far either....


katherine. said...

even if it is warm....the water will be cold...swimsuit with wetsuit will work.

there is a chance I will be in the LA area the first weekend in November....when are you going to be there?

I, Like The View said...

I arrive on the 20th and depart on the 26th (so not a long stay!)

I'm in West Hollywood for the first four nights and then Santa Monica

no occasion, really, apart from the fact - like Everest - "it's there"

I'm going with NOBGM, who is hooking up with her wheelchair dance pal - very exciting!!

I'm looking forward to experiencing the west coast, since I've never been

any ideas for what I should do and where I should go, you California gals?!?!?!?

(the sea will be cold !?!?!?! maybe I'll just dip my toe in then)

I, Like The View said...

(g I google mapped you versus Santn Monica - didn't look far, but then I have no idea how long it takes to drive anywhere!)

Mel said...

What an awesome thing for her and for you! How cool is that?! :-)

Did she win? Did she win?!

Well, even if she didn't--she's a winner! Cuz! She's got you for a friend...that instantly qualifies her.

Whenever I go, I stay out of the cheesy places and just head for the beaches. I'm not much for tourist traps. And I like wandering in and out of wee stores inbetween wanders on the beach.

A wander on the beach....*sigh*
Ah well......guess I settle for a wade in fallen leaves instead. :-)

I, Like The View said...




I do so appreciate my friends. . .

I'm not a huge flashy touristy kinda gal either (you know me, grotty hotel on a beach is all I need) but some FUN is required right now (altho my current wardrobe nightmare is NOT fun!)

and, wheelchair allowing, we'll be spending plenty of time chilling on the beach! (do you think it will be as beautiful as Polzeath? no, me neither - but HEY!! a beach is a beach right? and an unexpected trip has to be made the most of!!!)

I, Like The View said...

(oh, I'm not allowed to say if she won or not, but between you and I, since noone from the UK is looking, she was in the final and everyone said she should have won ((she was robbed!!!)) and now I'm going to have to shoot you coz I told you: BANG!)(just kidding about the bang)

I, Like The View said...

enjoy the leaves!

Mel said...

<-- lips are sealed.


Well, mostly.....LOL

I, Like The View said...