waves (Los Angeles) waves (Cornwall)
clouds (Cornwall)
clouds (Los Angeles)

beach life (Cornwall)
beach life (Los Angeles)

life guard (Cornwall)
life guard (Los Angeles)

art (Cornwall)
art installation (Los Angeles)small detail of which:

coffee (and fags) (Cornwall)
coffee (ho hum) (Los Angeles)

setting sun (Cornwall)so excellent we'll look at it again. . .
setting sun (Los Angeles): going. . .
going. . . going. . . gone. . .

(I watched it sink all the way into the Pacific Ocean. . .
no green flash, but it was wonderful!)


Sorrow said...

but did you hear it hisssssss?
welcome home lady..

Mel said...


*happy sigh*

They're all beautifully yours.

Mel said...

I love the header, I do, I do!

*happy sigh*

Welcome back, ma'am.
Truly--you've been missed.

mig said...

Oh wonderful! You're back :)
Lovely lovely pairs of pictures, wonderful new header,and gorgeous sunset.
Ooh, big, happy hugs :)

Anonymous G said...


Ah, we were so far and yet so close, weren't we??


Lovely photos! :)

Glad you're home safe and sound.

Have you made your way through the laundry yet???


katherine. said...

so nice to have you back indeed!

sunsets are wonderful.

the difference in Cornwall "fags" and California "fags" makes me laugh...

but I did notice there were no cigarettes in Los Angeles...we have some fairly intense smoking rules here.

I hope you had a wonderful time!
(I got an AWESOME postcard...smile)

Dave said...

*Waves feebly (he's not well)*

zIggI said...

did you have a love-er-ly time?

Mel said...

Oh, I do hope you and your NO had an awesome time!

And I hope she loved the swirly bits on the coffee, too!

I, Like The View said...

Mel she was as hooked on them as I was. . .

we had an awesomely fabulous time, I'm trying to decide what to share with you all (my Number One Blogging Mates)(of course, you, dearheart, were the first, but everyone's a Number One here) first

ZiggZ it was love-er-ly, in a platonic way with a girly mate: all we wanted was a room somewhere, far away from the cold night air. . .

if you see what I mean!

Dave keep taking the hot lemon drinks

katherine. I was very restrained - only onepostcard each (partly because I wanted to keep the spare stamps - they were so wonderful)

G I'm doing mine now


so close, but, d'ya know - we're close here too!!

mig mig happy hugs, ooh I mean big happy hugs with you are one of the things I like about home

Mel - I missed you too!!! *squeals*

mel I have sooooooo many to show you. . .


sorrow the noise of the drumming on Venice drowned out the hissing!!

it's good to be home


Mel said...

Oh....I got a postcard yesterday!!

And I have a few dozen stamps I just couldn't BARE to send on cuz they're so dang cute.

I'm so glad the NO had a grand time of it--and that she had you to enjoy it with!

I'm sure the dozen or so photos won't take long to upload......as soon as the cable is located, of course. LOL

*HUGE hugs*
Welcome BACK!