and for the rest of the day I had a rather nasty

headache: anyone know anything about migraines then?

I seem to have become a sufferer

I've done lots and lots of research

and the only thing I can put it down to is

the menopause



dinahmow said...

The only advice I can offer wont go down too well I'm afraid - quit the fags!Seriously, nicotine and headaches go together.
But I do sympathise.

katherine. said...

I know people who suffer terribly.

I hear quiet dark helps.
perhaps a doctor would be more helpful?

Dave said...


zIggI said...

some people blame it on Red Wine and Chocolate and Coffee and Fags, which is good in a way, because then you can carry on with them all and at least you have something on which to blame the headaches.

Mel said...

I get 'em.

I don't do chocolate or wine. I occasionally indulge in a cigarette (maybe three times a year JUST to shock the people around me)...
And I am NOT giving up coffee.

There are only two answers for me--dark rooms and whitenoise (with access to facilities for throwing up purposes, of course....LOL TMI, I know!) OR--large doses of drugs which make me go nite-nite.

BTW--doc tried to get me to give up caffeine and I did give it a go.

He decided that was a really, really, REALLY bad plan. :-/

You have my sympathy--

But I must say--menapause ain't all that bad! Well, once you wrap your head around the tradeoffs.

k.....definitely toooooo much information!

Spadoman said...

If it's menopause, then denial works well.
Hope you have comfort.


I, Like The View said...

I've had four in the past couple of months. . .

. . .what with the headaches and the hairs on my chin, I can only foresee that it's all downhill from now on

cigarettes being my only vice, I'll be hard pressed to quit (plus I enjoy the physical smoking but) altho I do get how unhealthy they are

the headache/nausea wasn't fun tho


thank y'all for advice and comforting sentiments

think it's time to change the subject!


mig said...

I used to get them in full B&W with whirly effects.
They went away.
(Menopause - not that bad at all once it settles in. and there are the trade-offs, Oh Yessss!
Sorry, I won't mention it again)