the reason I ask is when I first read it, I thought

the book was a love story. . .
the film (of The Remains of the Day) certainly was (however I never really like films of books, as screenwriters don't ever seem to interpret novels in the same way as I do) (with the exception of Jean-Dominique Bauby's Le scaphandre et Le Papillon) altho someone who used to figure largely in my life assured me it was a historical novel
ho hum
upon rereading, either I've aged and now see/read/experience it differently (and in the case of this book, can't get Stephen Fry's Jeeve's out of my inner ear) (which doesn't help matters) or I'm not as great a believer in "love" as I used to be
not for myself at any rate


(I'm kidding)(about the sniff)

partly I'm not hugely bothered, since my experiences of the emotion haven't proven exactly positive, but partly I am bothered because I can't imagine spending the rest of my life alone

however, I have more important things to worry about right now (which is perhaps why I'm distracting myself with the above notions) - I've recently mislaid my tweezers and there is an impending risk of this:

(actually ALL of this is a distraction from the fact that it's taken me two hours on the phone to f*ing BT this morning to try and get someone to fix the POVS' internet. . . and while I'm moaning, do all schools assume that households with under-18s now have internet as standard? how on earth are today's yoof supposed to do their homework without access to it? I don't give a sod about whether they can access their FaceBook accounts, and - in the case of my three - neither do they. . . but the homeworks set by their teachers seem to assume that they can spend all evening hooked up to Google and Wikiwhatever ((and then that their beloved parent/s have bought, at great expense to the grocery budget, gallons of inkjet printer ink and a forest damaging, CO2 busting, near never-ending supply of A4 paper)))(rant over)


KAZ said...

I loved the film - but I hadn't read the book - though I've read all his others.
Yoofs must be confused. One day they are encouraged to use the internet - next day it's called copying.

I, Like The View said...

I like most things with Antony Hopkins, altho I have a kind of love-hate relationship with Emma Th (she was fab in Love Actually, methinks)

my lot will be nicking my internet for the next 7 days, since BT don't seem to want to come and fix theirs (despite my phoning the CEO direct and having my complaint "esclated")(ho hum); when it was within my control, I never let them plagiarise, as I don't agree with "cutting and pasting", believing that they should write what they want to say in their own words

who knows what they actually do now (the least known the better, probably)

Mel said...

Isn't it funny.....I never read "Love Story". I gakked at the movie and the song made me nuts.
I think I was determined this 'love' jazz was all a ruse and a waste of energy.

I'm not all that into movies--I don't sit still well enough to catch on.....and really, you have to sit still to catch on nowadays it would seem.

BUT--I'm with ya on the internet business and education.
What's up with that?!
I handed a kiddo the dictionary the other day and told her to look up the word...she was utterly and completely lost.

OMGosh.....I just realized how FEW things I print now a days.
k......NOW I'm frightened. LOL

I, Like The View said...

ah Mel. . . *sigh*

I used to be able to play the song on the piano and quote the book/film verbatim


I have all sorts of useful books for my lot, and always try to get them to use one first. . . they are children of a different age tho and prefer the internet (and doing the opposite of what I think ought to be done, naturally)