found them!

for so long now, I've been searching for these. . .
not that I don't have other, more useful/helpful/productive, activities to fill my days, you understand; they are fridge magnet letters (which, like all font and type and alphabets and letters in general, I lerve). . . I still like regular fridge magnet letters, you understand, but I kinda really like the new ones (they are from a brand called Ransom) (Mel, honey, you might have to get The Brit to take a look and tell you if he can spot three letters from a certain newspaper that will remind him of aspects of life this side of the pond that he probably doesn't miss much) (The Teen wrote: "do not attempt to complete toxic homework" on our fridge the other day, and Teen Too - he's the clever one - wrote "intelligent _ _ _ _ _ _* is an oxymoron" (*The Teen's name was here)
whilst I was looking for the Ransom letters image to show you, I found these:(sold by the same company) (Mel, if he's still looking over your shoulder, get him to tell you about the hurricane in 1987) which reminded me of how I was going to write about the wind and the rain this morning and I was even humming "It's Raining Again" and couldn't believe that I was singing - I thought I'd left that all behind
Oh, it's raining again, Oh no, my love's at an end.
Oh no, it's raining again and you know it's hard to pretend.
Oh no, it's raining again, Too bad I'm losing a friend.
Oh no, it's raining again, Oh, will my heart never mend.
You're old enough some people say to read the signs and walk away.
It's only time that heals the pain and makes the sun come out again.
funny how life sneaks up on you when you're not expecting it, isn't it?
ho hum
that hurricane in 1987 was about the only time in my whole life that my big brother phoned me up spontaneously. . . I don't think my little brother ever has. . . the X and his sisters are as tight as proverbial thieves. . . I sometimes wonder what Mini-Teen, Teen Too and The Teen will be like when they aren't living under the same roof anymore
but those thoughts are too big and too scary and far too long away to be contemplating, so I'll stick to ones closer to home for the moment, and very close to my heart. . .how about: Fuzzy Felt! (and yes, you can find Fuzzy Felt fridge magnets, if you know where to look)oh, and one more thing, before I go. . .


Dave said...

*waves, faintly*

Mel said...

(((( Dave ))))
Poor thing......

Oh--but we have MAGNETS!

Sadly, himself thinks 6am is 'the middle of the night'. Or maybe that's a good thing--it means I have alone time in the morning. k...that's a very good thing for both of us given that I'm caffeine deficient. LOL

But I'll let him take a look later....when he's caffinated and civil.
Oh wait.
I meant when I'M caffinated and civil.
He's just...weird--but that's any hour of the day, with any amount of caffeine. ;-)

OH!! But we have magnets to play with!

<-- has letter magnets on the fridge currently stating : RAWR N PFFTT!!

Mighta been havin' a moment....LOL

Mel said...

Page 3 girls...... LOL In the daily family newspaper!! OMGosh.

He had a good laugh over The Daily Sport and their claim as a family newspaper with their one page of football and rest porn sites. OMG...

Oh, and I got to hear about his trip home behind a council truck that was cutting the fallen trees the day the forcaster was kind enough to tell folks it might be a bit windy. Wow......boy did he make it sound really messy over there in 1987....