happy birthday, Booker T

(I used to know a boy
who stripped to this)
(he never got as far as taking off his pants tho. . .)
(think how many times he must have practised that in his bedroom)


Mel said...

Ok.....but is it REALLY stripping if pants are left on?
I mean, taking socks off and flinging them is hardly a strip tease where I come from.
Himself does that nightly...and MOST nights he actually scores by landing 'em in the laundry basket.

OMG.....I REALLY need to go take that bath and quit tossing out so much information.

<-- will click on link to test out some wild and crazy thought I just had. ROFL

BATH!! BEFORE I share any more!! omgomgomg.....LOL

katherine. said...

most nights the Brit does a little foot striptease?

or is there more to this story?

Dave said...

*Not well enough to join in*

Mel said...


(((((((((((( Dave )))))))))))

Poor thing......

mig said...

Oh well now I'm going to have wild thoughts all night about flying socks and .... stuff ..... (So is that a cold bath Mel?)