the latest from The Teen:

how do you create a perpetual motion machine?
attach a piece of buttered toast,
butter side up,
to the back of a cat. . .

drop the cat from a height. . .is that clear?

anti-gravity/perpetual motion. . .
it's all the same amongst friends, eh
it's also known as the
buttered cat paradox


Rimshot said...


dinahmow said...

Will this also work in the southern hemisphere? (It certainly wouldn't work on Geiger - she'd like the butter then eat the toast!)

Mel said...

OH my gosh....I actually got this one withOUT the explanation.

I DEFINITELY need that bath with duckies and goldfishie......LOL

katherine. said...

hopefully mel won't try to attach buttered toast to the bath duckies

Mel said...

Duckies don't always land on their little duckie bottoms when you drop them into the tub.

Just sayin'.....

I, Like The View said...

mel sometimes mine don't even float the right way up


katherine. that would be a waste of toast

Mel I'd say "great minds think alike" but I don't want to offend you!

dinah I don't know - it would probably spin the other way. . .

. . .did ou see your award, a few inches further down the screen?

shot (-: XXX

KAZ said...

Have you read the book?

I, Like The View said...

The Teen's response to everyone: "I see"


(even tho, he's now claiming, he rejected the idea of responding, with the comment "no comment")


but thanks, KAZ!! for the xmas stocking reading. . .(he's now saying "hmmmmmmmmmmmm", "oh stop it") we have all the New Scientist books, so I'll add this one to the "science" list

mig said...

The other result would be hairy butter.

mig said...

And I thought you had to overcome friction and entropy as well as gravity to get perpetual motion?

But I'm an old stick in the butter where science is concerned.