knitting (don't yawn) (yarn is interesting!)

ever wondered where the phrase "spinning a yarn" came from?
knitting is a very cultural experience. . .
altho a lot of people knit by themselves,
it doesn't have to be a lonely pastime
lots of people knit with their friends!

for me knitting is an absolute pleasure - every stitch is a delight. . . it's like picking a beautiful jewel and threading it onto a necklace of other sparkling gems; like writing a story - whether it's a short story, a novel, a love poem, a tale to tell to keep the winter chill at bay; like taking a favourite walk thru familiar woods and fields, or a new direction thru unknown pastures; a swim in the ozoned-waved ocean, or wading in a gently - almost still, but not quite - flowing river, or diving into a deep deep pool) (you get the idea?)
my favourite yarn is Japanese: Noro, cardings of wool*/silk/a mix of fibres (*there are many many different sorts of wool, a little like wine) are hand dyed and then spun into threads which change colour gently and subtly if not with each stitch then with each row or every few rows. . .
I'm using this book for the pattern I am currently knitting
(the cardigan on the front)

(which, of course, I'm not following exactly - as I'm using a different yarn, in a different set of colourway shades) (it's also a finer yarn - which means different needles, smaller ones - which mean a different number of stitches, more per row of width and inch of length*) (and I'm not knitting the rib [variations of "knit one-pearl one" on one row and then "pearl one-knit one" on the reverse], I knitted the sleeves a little longer as I am just using stocking stitch ["one row knit, the following row pearl" - the "knit" row is the front side] as I like the way it rolls at the cast-on edge) (*see, knitting is very mathematical) (which makes it intellectually challenging**) (**not to me of course, I am good at math) (ha ha ha)

anyhoo. . .
let's look again at the beauty of the Noro yarn

(see, the thing about loving knitting is that you have to use a yarn you totally adore, so that every stitch is a delight. . . if you knit with baby blue or sunshine yellow acrylic it's never going to make you happy, now is it?)
(I'd rather save up and buy a pricier yarn to knit one item, than purchase cheap yarn and knit yards of itchy scarf)
(but that's just me)
so - that's about it for knitting!
(unless you have any questions?)
anyone fancy a bobble hat for xmas then. . .
(not that I waste yarn on bobbles, you understand)
I have threatened my three with
something knitted for their stockings. . .
(The Teen has a fear of evil penguins!)
and for myself?
something from this book perhaps. . .
(-; still don't fancy knitting? there's always voodoo. . .
*evil cackle*


zIggI said...

I intend to take up knitting during my recuperation :)

I, Like The View said...

oh! I really must come and visit then. . .


can you crochet? I need someone to teach me how - I learnt once, but I've forgotten


Vicus Scurra said...

Nice to see the picture of Dave (2nd image) - although I didn't read any of the words when you started talking about knitting.

I, Like The View said...

"knitting" was the first word. . .

(you and "knitting" is obviously like me and "rugby" then)

. . .glad you enjoyed the images (but don't let on to Dave that I have CCTV installed in his parlour)!

Dave said...

No more pictures of you in saucy knitwear please. Well, not until I'm fit, anyway.

Spadoman said...

Very nice. You've answered some questions for me, thanks. More later, I'm about to offer a barter.

mig said...

I can see why I never really took to knitting. I am not good at maths!
However I do get the idea, I'll just have to admire from a distance.
I love those silk/wool mixtures. I absolutely adore the beauty of the Noro yarns.
And what I'd really like is a total, allover top to bottom multi-coloured garment which could be worn under everything, all winter*, and of which the bits that showed would look like a jumper or tights or socks - um well just those now I think about it. Why hasn't anyone invented one of those yet?
*perhaps not in bed? Might be a bit hot.

Mel said...

Go figure I can crochet but I cannot knit.
Well, I can but the end result is nothing like the picture.
I think it's the tension of the stitches..or the tension of the one making the stitches. LOL

Beautiful yarn, btw. And I'm with you--better to go for the lovely colours and silky wool than some silly baby blue garbage yarn. would be cool!
(but I'm greedy like that....)

Mel said...

Yeah. Now.....about that Voo Doo.....

<-- has a budgety meeting, beac counting thingy with the stand-in boss tomorrow...

(might have a need, dontchaknow..)

dinahmow said...

Mmm...that Noro looks fabulous!All itchy acrylics should be banned.
And note to Mig: try Damart thermalactic long-johns.

katherine. said...

I started to learn to knit about 25 years ago...and then my life took a different path.

I think I would enjoy it very much.

mig said...

Note to Dinahmow: do they make them in silk wool knits? Multi-coloured?