what goes around

to Ms Mel for her daily words of wisdom. . .
(even on the days when she
tosses the book)

to mig for her incredible photographs and heartfelt thoughts. . .

to Dave
(he's been sick, so he might be down to his last pair as he's probably not been well enough to do the laundry) (I'd have gone over and helped him out, if he lived in Town) (or if I lived in Norfolk) (he's currently thanking his lucky stars that I don't) (he wouldn't want me rummaging around with his pants, would he)

to Vicus
(cos he's SO lovely)
ooops - think I gave him the wrong one. . . let me have a look, see what else I can find that's appropriate. . .

tumti-tumdee-tum. . .

(politics schmolotics, eh)
(actually, that's
still not quite right -
I'll come back to Vicus)

to katherine. and dinah (overseas, not over here - more's the pity - always different, often surprising, I'd love to have a cup of coffee with each of them)


to those all-American guys, Shot and Man. . .

(well I would give it to Shot,
if he was still writing his blog)
(you can have it for writing
in the comments here, my FAF)

ah-ha! this is the one for Vicus. . .

(did that hit the spot?)

to KAZ
for being so educated and even more educational

to Malc
(just in case he has room for one more pig)
(or in case he's run out of gas)

to ZiggZ
(but not in combination with your drugs, hon)

and to everyone
I haven't gotten around to personally (yet)

(a HUGE one)
(no tongues, mind)


Spadoman said...

Work it Baby!

mig said...

That is so lovely :)
And I laughed and laughed over some of the others.
Coo, I feel well chuffed now :)
OH! And my postcard arrived!!! It's briliant. Thank you dear I :)

Sorrow said...

No tongues?
what good is my slobbery kiss award if my tonsils don't get tickled.
ahh well, since it's from you I shall be gracious for the love and the lipstick.

Rimshot said...

You know, I was just thinking that I need to start blonking again...

...then I was called 'All American' (sob)

Not that there's anything wrong with being A.A., its just that I'm not even a little A. I'm all GERMAN!

But the award is humbly and gratefully received. Very kind of you. (Tho' a big slobbery kiss would be nice) ;)

Mel said...

When I get done laughing my arse off about the jet fueled pig and dead horse AKA irritable panda--I'll try to graciously accept what was awarded me.

<-- still laughing!!

(mind you, I'm told there's not any arse TO laugh off...hmmmmpf!)

Anonymous G said...

slobber, slurp, *SMOOOCH*

back atcha!


Dave said...

I have managed to operate the washing machine a couple of times while I've been ill, thanks.

I'm probably still infectious, so no tongues is probably best.

KAZ said...

Thanks so much View.
You have to be very clever to discuss sequinned boob tubes and leggings.

Vicus Scurra said...

I am too overcome to comment.

Mel said...


I'm gonna hug him.....I mean it! LOL

((((((((((( Vicus )))))))))))))

Oh, you are just toooo precious....

Rimshot said...

Mel..you're awesome!

Mel said...

(((((((((( Rim )))))))))))


Awwwww....I think likewise of you, sir!

katherine. said...

I am honored...thank you kindly.

(you were soooooo close this past month. But ya never know...it is a small world, afterall)