a life without full stops

so, there I was

walking home, laden with groceries cursing the fact I hadn't made an on-line order this week (and yes, I forgot the cat biscuits, so I'll have to go out again) (or perhaps they'd like to share a tin of tuna?) (again!)
and I was thinking of when I first downgraded postal districts and trudged the streets of SWLondon SomethingOrOther - when you, dear reader, were the Company of Friends who joined me in the Kindness of Strangers. . .
. . .after I'd deleted the original (the very original!) I, Like The View
(ho hum)
[my blogger profile question remains as a reminder:
'The hair from your last haircut ...
what would it say about your new style?

'my hair speaks volumes, most frequently:
"learn from your mistakes. . .
(and don't make the same one twice)"
and, if I return from my minor digression, I was thinking about
not using full stops
I know how to
if I chose to,
I could
but sometimes a full stop is rather final,
isn't it
whereas a pause (for thought or for breath)
is merely a moment in time whilst you wait for something else to come along
it's not an ending
(and believe me, I've experimented with enough kinds of endings to know that they're not all they're cracked up to be)
(whether you achieve them or not)
so, in case you ever wondered. . .
(in one of those moments when your thoughts are clear of things in the important/urgent box) (you know that grid that they taught you in executive training, on the course entitled "how to accomplish everything on your to-do list in one easy lesson") (no? you are kidding! well, you draw a large square, and then divide it into quarters, then write "urgent/not urgent" across the top two boxes, and "important/not important" down the side two boxes, then you divide your tasks up into important/urgent, important/not urgent, not urgent/important and not urgent/not important, then you do the important/urgent ones, then the urgent/not important or not urgent/important ones [kinda depends on the task, and this is the flaw of the grid IMHO] and obviously you either don't do the not important/not urgent ones or you wait until they become not important/urgent) (ta-da!) (of course, it's much more fun if your "box" is circular, or an ellipse even, and I suppose it would work with a heart but it might not work with a star)
(they don't tell you that on the course)
. . .that's why my punctuation is sometimes lacking
(because life goes on)


Dave said...

It does.

Mel said...

Oh gosh....please please please--don't you understand I talk with my hands?!?!

Go figure, eh? LOL

This would be why Mel will continue with all SORTS of punctuation and fun things!
(including poor grammar AND newly invented words!)

I thank you for the donation of full stops to my cause!
(you did donate them, right?......)
(cuz you see how frequently I use them, right?....)


I need all the full stops I can get! ;-)

I, Like The View said...

Mel I really like the newly invented words. . .

talking with hands is good


here, have some more........ ... ...... ... ...... .... . ......... . ..... ..

Dave yes, it does

I, Like The View said...

(Mel I know that looks like Morse Code, but it's not!)

Mel said...

Yup--looks like Morse Code, but I'll take what I can get! :-)

Geeze, I've tried sitting on my hands and even folding them in my lap......NOPE--handtalker!
Gawwwwwwdd.....I just know that's a sign of old age......LOL

<-- going for a bubble bath with duckies and gold fishie!

katherine. said...

I sorta like full stops.

and I love the rainbow coloring of the post...sorta fits the content just about perfect....

I, Like The View said...

katherine. tell me why!

Mel hope you had a wonderfully hot and bubbly and relaxing bath

mig said...

Is this some kind of crossword puzzle?
Ok. I can do the square and the quarters.
And the words across the top and down the sides (as long as spell check is working - I can spell perfectly well but I do lots of typos).
After that I get a bit confused.

I think it's just as well life goes on.