The Story Of The Cats

By Mini-Teen

Once apon a time, there was a little 4 year old girl, a big 6 year old boy and another 7 year old boy, who lived in a very sweet house by the railway line, and the house would shake if a train went past. One day the mum and dad came back with a box, and lined all the little (and big) children up on the sofa. Out of the box came and small, black cat...
... and it began.

The little black cat was named Lizard (Izzy for short) and grew into a very big cat indeed. He had come from Izzie, a girl in the big boy's class at school. We had many happy memories with Izzy, including the fact that the little girl was smaller than the cat, and the cat thought it was more important than the little girl (which it wasn't) and so it used to wait at the top of the stairs and when the little girl crawled up, she got scratched across the face, and still holds a scar to this day. However she still loved (and still loves) the little black cat. The cat was very intelligent and waited for the mum when she came in with the children after school. Unfortunately, one day they came home and Izzy was lying on the side of the pavement (side walk for you Americans...), perfectly still...

... the little girl was crying for weeks :(

But before long Another cat was brought home! This cat was called Mrs. Tumnus (yes you Brits, "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", the rest of you, look it up and rent the movie!) because she had two little black dots on her head, like she was going to grow horns... she never did, but her descendants all have, to this day, dots on their heads.
One day (they now lived in the Big House near a pond), the little girl came running into the mum's and dad's bedroom, saying there were rats on her bed. She had gone to sleep, curled up next to the cat, and woken up to the sound of squeals, feeling what she thought were rats. The mum came running in (the dad had to get up early for a business trip) and said they were kittens!

The little girl was so excited she kept the dad awake all night chatting away...

The kittens (three of them) all found good homes. The cat then went on to have three other litters, with lots of interestingly named kittens... Some of the best names were:

  • Fantastic Dan And His Super Sonic Cows (courtesy of The Teen)
  • Miaow (Courtesy of Teen Two)
  • Joe Pineapples (The Teen)
  • Blinky (The Teen)
  • Private Snowball (a totally white cat) (The Teen)
  • Barry (Teen Two)
  • Mort (Me!)
  • Smelly Cat (yours truly)
  • Deadlock (Teen Two)
  • Oreo (Mwa)
  • Crunch (Me too! G*d I am good at this!)
  • Buitiful Kitten (You guessed it... Mini- Teen)
  • Spot (the one with the view) (I want to swap bedrooms with her, but she just won't let me!) (that's mum)
  • Pingu ( He does kinda look like a penguin...) (Well, what do you think? Yes, it was me! Who else? Honestly...)

And there's so many more than that...

Of course, we all know the grand total is 36. Not joking. We kept one from the first litter (Fantastic Dan), two from the second (Spot and Blinky. Unfortunately one Christmas he died... The family next door ran him over. A very sad Christmas indeed for all involved...) and one from the last (Miaow). Then bad things happened and we had to move!!! We couldn't catch all the cats, so Spot moved in with the next door neighbours (the good ones on the other side, not the muderers), Dan is still terrorising small children who live in the small part of London by the pond. Mrs T was taken to the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, who also take pets in and they will let you adopt them for free) with a large donation. Another very sad time for all involved.

Then one day a pond lady came and gave us Miaow, and the RSPCA were closed so the little girl spent the night in the kitchen with her. After that they realised even though they lived in a rented house so couldn't really keep her, they could hide her from the landlord (if only they'd figured that out earlier!...).

Then they moved into a house with a roof terrace which had a hammock on it. It was very fun there, and many more cats were born. Currently they have eleven: 6 new kittens (there were 7 and they would be called the 7 Dwarfs, but one is now sleeping...), Miaow, Smelly Cat (who left yesterday!), Pingu, Barry and Buitiful Kitten.

With love,

Mini-Teen (for the record, year eight is NOT mini!)

P.S. what is up with American Thanksgiving???


mig said...

Oh my Goodness! That's a dynasty!
You're all so good at cat names - when we named our dog we had to have a paper vote and he ended up with the name that everybody disliked least!
(Nutmeg. I rather liked the one he came with which was Nanook which means the North Wind. But it didn't suit him as he's a very warm dog, hates going out in the rain and is probably a part bred Australian Kelpie anyway)

mig said...

Oh and LOVE the story of the rat kittens :)

dinahmow said...

I was OK til I saw the little ginger ones. :-(

Mel said...

Thanksgiving=another excuse to overeat (that's my explanation for today, this moment-I'm in that sorta mood.....LOL)


BRAVO on the share, ma'am. Very well done and very, very well received.
I can only imagine the rat discovery. *laughing* But I'm with ya--I'da been making a ruckus, too!

If we're in need of names for any pending pets, I'll know where to come.... your mum of course.....LOL--seems she's a pro at it! But with that many to name she OUGHTA be!! ;-)

Thank you for the story/share, ma'am. Well done YOU!!

(and thanks to the mum for letting it be shared with us!) :-)

*warm hugs for everyone!!*

Sorrow said...

What's up with Thanksgiving?
well since we don't have any cats to eat...
no, just kidding.
seriously, we have a small new kitten who was found in the Big woods ( see The little house in the big woods books for you non americans)
and have named her Tilia Americana...
OooooooOOO it's google time.
Thank you for the lovely short story of the kittens/cats.
I am very partial to Mr. tomnus, and we have a lamp post in the back woods, truly, though we take candles out to shine as there is no other way for it to be lighted. It looks lovely in winter...

I, Like The View said...

she's dashed off already, late for school, but when she returns she'll be so chuffed!


(I let her join in the Secret Santa as a treat!)

Sorrow said...

now there's a word!
Sounds like a chapped huff...
like the big old bad wolf was chuffed from trying to blow all them houses down.

I, Like The View said...


Mini-Teen said...

Hello! I am very pleased with the comments, but let me say that the rats incident wasn't funny, in fact very traumatic. Where does The little house in the big woods come from? and had you really never heard of narnia! If you took a poll, who voted for the most hated name?

Happy thanksgiving to americans! If thanksgiving's about family, why not wait until xmas?

lots of love, mini-teen