size matters (timing counts)
for a long time, on the very original I, Like The View, many many years ago, people used to google the Large Hadron Collider and end up chez moi because of the absence of an "e"

it's only a little thing, an "e", isn't it - but it can make a big difference

I sometimes wonder whether at the very original Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire everybody knew that they were, in fact, making a time machine
(not that one, obviously, that was HG Wells')
(CERN's will be slightly more C21st)

now, we all know that noone has yet invented a time machine, because if they had we'd be seeing visitors from the future; current physics says that time travel is possible and, unlike the physics of my day, apparently one can actually time travel in both directions (when I was studying, I was taught that you could only go forward in time)(the mathematicians and physicists are cleverer now and have worked out that the equations function equally well in both directions)

however in order to travel back in time, there has to be a piece of machinery to travel back to. . .

. . .and this, I am reliably informed, is what the gizmo between the Geneva airport and the Jura mountains is. . .

. . .it's to be the "back in time" visitor receptor thingy (I have no idea what this piece of machinery would actually be called) and at some stage, presumably, there will be a "throw people at astonishing speeds into the future" piece of machinery built, and hey-ho, we'll be travelling back and forth like Santa on the 24th December

so, now the "back in time" bit is up and running, presumably sometime soon we'll be receiving the guests from the future - that's an interesting thought, isn't it!

I wonder what a time traveller's carbon footprint would be?

I digress

anyhow, back to that missing "e": whatever would have happened to =mc² (mass times the velocity of light squared) if the missing "e" had been missing?

anyhoo - I'll leave you pondering that. . .

. . .I've got xmas gifts to wrap (yes! Teen Two has had his b'day, so now the seasonal festivities can really begin)


dinahmow said...

As I was reading, I thought"ey oop!~ she'll have to remove that line about is this better, Vicus!"

I don't know about people whizzing back and forth between the ages, but I'm SURE time is accelerating.

Mel said...

Well, I liked the book muchly.
And I rather think the model is cool.
And I don't particularly wanna go forward into what I don't know cuz I probably ought not know. And I don't know that backwards is a good plan for me either.
SO!! Think I'll stay right here in this moment and enjoy the coffee, tyvm.

Black. :-)
And what's up with that 'e' business anyway?!

Mel said...


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to YOU.
Happy birthday teen twoooooo!!!
Happy birthday to youUuuuuUUUuu!!!!


Mel said...

(and I do hope the kiddos are all well today.)

And the mom is resting and recuperating from all that 'stuff'.

Christopher said...

Did you ever come across a book supposedly for children called Tom's Midnight Garden? A classic of time travel. It's been televised at least twice. I found the first version (c.1970?) particularly captivating because it introduced me to Grieg's Lyric Suites, which were used as incidental music. Happy days.

Mel said...

Okay....don't ask why--but now I'm gonna haffta look for some Phillip Glass to put on the CD player.

I don't know why.

And a happy Saturday to you, ma'am.
I hope all are well in that piece of the world.

Spadoman said...

I like the TARDIS better. Time And Relative Dimension In Space. Gets you there and back and has been for many years.
They've been doing this for a long time already. In the movies, the people who are visiting another time never tell you they are, so, they have been and we just don't know it, unless, of course, they are relatives or old friends visiting you personally, then, you'd probably know it.
So you see, it's nothing new, really, just advertising it now because of the bad economy.
Happy birthday to the second teen.
Peace to all.

I, Like The View said...

man I like the TARDIS and I like the current Doctor (David Tennant)

and I like your thoughts on the matter!

the second teen had a good birthday, thank you

Mel Phillip Glass. . . interesting!

happy day to you, ma'am

Christopher I adore Tom's Midnight Garden. . . it was one of the first books I read that made me realise an author could create anything s/he wanted in the minds of her readers


and, with a Norweigan loving mother, I've loved Grieg from a young age too

good thoughts

Mel they are with their father today (he has them at weekends) and I had a good reast this morning


I liked the book, the film and that model is kinda cute eh. . . not so sure I'd want the experience for myself

dinah I thought I'd entice Vicus back with elements of this, but so far he's remained distant and aloof!

I think time does accelerate, the more one has experienced of it - and then, everynowandagain - there are pockets of time that seem defy the ticking of a clock