it's never too late for our Friday treat

can't go wrong with coffee! black or white?
oh, and perhaps a little seasonal bubbly. . . I've always really loved those cola bears. . . and I can never get enough of those vaches



Dave said...

You can go wrong with both coffee and bubbly, when I'm around. But don't worry. I'm not really here, am I?

Christopher said...

I know I shouldn't ask, but could there be a with sugar option?

Ah, ces vaches. They're all over France now. Replica ones in fibreglass, that is, painted as the fancy takes. There's a roundabout just south of Mouen - sorry, Rouen - where half-a-dozen graze their way towards a peaceful eternity.

Dave said...

Ah, but we had concrete one in Milton Keynes first.

Rimshot said...

Coffee sounds like absolute perfection right now.

I, Like The View said...

shot coming right up!

Dave I went to Milton Keynes once

only the once

Christopher are you familiar with the work of the fine French photographer Thiery des Ouches? my favourite photos of his are of one of my favourite places, Ile Nourmoutier

once I turned up there and the castle was covered with his photos of vaches. . . long story

(you'll find the sugar cubes right here)

Dave you should know by now that I keep a pot of Earl Grey nice and warm under a teacosy just for you

you do know that, don't you?

Mel said...


Coffee, black, ty.

AND vaches! :-)

We have a few very happy, but very cold vaches right now.