an E-Elf writes

Dear Secret Santas
I have e-mailed all of you. I still need one e-address (you know who you are). All you have to do now is choose a gift (do not spend more than one hour doing this) and then e-mail it back to me at your earliest convenience, but at the latest by Wednesday (23rd). Then look again on Thursday morning (Xmas Eve) and see what you have been given! Thank you.

The E-Elf


Dave said...

Done. My gift was sent minutes ago.

zIggI said...

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...!

Sorrow said...

All done!

dinahmow said...

I'm with Ziggi--thinking, thinking.
Can it be mutiple small gifts? Or one big one?

mig said...

Ooh. Trying to think!

mig said...

Done :)

Mel said...

Oh C'MON.....

They're DONE?

<-- starting to sweat...LOL

Mel said...

Uh oh......

*humming happily*

I'll be a gnome....for Christmas.
You can count on me...lalalalala


Nope. Not done. Didn't start.
Cuz if I start, I only have an hour....what if I don't find that something in the hour?! O M G

Gonna have coffee instead.

I'll be a gnome for Christmas lalalalala......

I, Like The View said...

hey, dearheart, it's supposed to be fun, not stressful

f you can't think of anything, just go to your pictures folder and click on something at random! it's bound to be beautiful. . .


or, a good ole cup of java would please most people!!

mig it's so much easier than the real xmas shopping, eh!

Anonymous G said...

i'm with mel.

uh oh.......................


i'm sure that i'll find something lovely and perfect.



ho ho ho

mig said...

Much much easier I. The brain cudgelling is so much less painful if it's not accompanied by battered feet :)
(Such a brilliant idea altogether :)

KAZ said...

Is there a price guide.
Is the sky the limit or are we being credit crunch aware?

I, Like The View said...

KAZ no price guide and no carbon footprint guide - so the sky and the stars are unlimited too!

the only limits are your imagination and that the gift has to be emailable/publishable (so, nothing rude)(unless whoever has Dave wants to give him a real surprise)(in which case I'll make a special excpetion to my "I don't do rude" rule)(in consultation with the E-Elf, naturally)

so, very credit crunch friendly, too


mig we could start a trend, of carbon footprint friendly gift giving. . . just think, no wrapping, no driving, and no having to return something unsuitable!

G ho ho ho. . . are you someone who gives the perfect gift for the recipient, or gives something you'd love to receive? it's a fine balance, I find

I, Like The View said...

(and yes, if I'd given the same thought to my xmas card list as I have done to arranging this with the E-Elf, you'd all have your cards by now. . .)

Mel said...

LOL Well--go figure I'd 'overthink' the whole thing.

An hour.
Go google and make it happen!


Gonna do a bath instead. LOL