a lovely day

so, my eldest and I have our ups and downsI don't bore you with all of it, some of it slips in everynowandagain
life has a tendency to do that sometimes, doesn't it
now, I know The Teen can be very manipulative - and he knows I know and plays me anyhow; he knows that things have fallen apart for me over the last few years, he has lived it, he has (sadly) witnessed my various extreme seasonal disasters, and he loves to twist that particular knife; but, despite this, he must be able to see that I really want Christmas to be a good one - just like I try and make every day a good one - and perhaps he wanted to create a little bit of that. . .

. . .or is it just that he knew if he asked me to go shopping with him, everyone would get better presents

teens, gotta love 'em, eh

anyhow - we've done it all over the last couple of days: we've bought cards, individual and special, wrapping paper and ribbon, thoughtful gifts (his thoughts!); we've had coffee/hot chocolate breaks and chatted; we've taken tubes and buses (on one of which we sat right at the front, on either side of the aisle, and when people sat in the spare seats next to each one of us we texted backwards and forwards during the rest of the journey) and walked backwards and forwards comfortably and amicably and, best of all, respectfully
oh, and why Mr T? he featured heavily on The Teen's choice of cards, wrapping paper and gifts. . . but - I hope - not mine!


mig said...

Uh, did that get in? Blogger said rude things to me.

mig said...

Looks like not.

I was just thinking, it's like a bit of treasure to be hoarded, days like that. Absolutely lovely.
Happy for you hugs :)

Dave said...


Christopher said...

Days like this make it all worthwhile. I had no redeeming features at all as a teen and still don't trouble the abacus much counting them now. What you tell us augurs well for the future. I think you've got the balance of restraint and expectation just right.

I, Like The View said...

Christopher let's hope so. . .

Dave indeed

Mig you can imagine what a relief it was

Mel said...

Oh wow--
Doesn't matter what the motivation on his part was--you got a day with the Teen!

I know how rare and special and treasured that is.

I, Like The View said...

rare and special and treasured (and to be remembered next time he kicks off at me!)