Friday fare

pears today, gone tomorrow
some people poach them, in a seasonal style. . .
. . .but I've been having them sliced in salad - with watercress, beetroot, blue cheese, walnuts and a plain vinaigrette dressing

or you could just eat a perfectly ripe one - quite delicious - but make sure to lick the juice off your fingers as you do



Dave said...

I really fancied a pear when I was very poorly. Didn't get one though.

I nearly typed 'pair' then, which would have had a very different meaning.

Christopher said...

I really hope going pear-shaped doesn't refer to anything in your immediate private life.

Looking forward to reading about magnetic magenta lipstick.

Spadoman said...

I have been enjoying delicious pears from the local orchard. I believe you have read the story last week. They are a variety called Parker pears. I use the apple slicer and eat the neatly sliced wedges, and I do get every drop of juice.
I've never poached them, but I have used small pieces on a crosscut slice of baguette. I cover the pear with gruyere, sprinkle with freshly grated romano and bake for a few minutes on a cookie sheet at 350 (F). The resulting crostini is fantastic.
I also make a simple coffee cake recipe and add a slurry of cooked pears, (pears, skinned, cored, sliced and cooked with butter and brown sugar for 10 minutes), down the middle before baking. Adds moisture and that special pear sweetness.
Pears are my favorite fruit.


Mel said...

Yes, thank you.

Donn said...

I have never been able to rationalise saying NO to a lovely pear :)

I, Like The View said...

donn tsssk, tssssk


Mel finally!!!!

man I might have to try that bruchetta recipe! (crostini, whatever)(sound yummy)

Christopher one of the beauties of having a very plain and empty life (blogging being the exception) is that there is little to go pear-shaped (my three excepted)

lipstick up date to follow (don't hold your breath)

Dave what a good thing you didn't

katherine. said...

I made a little salad last weekend with pears, walnuts, and gorgonzola.

it was yum
need to go to spado's place next....

Anonymous G said...

i DO love a good Bosc pear...