have you ever googled the phrase

"gone buggerup"?

and no, they're not Aborigonal peoples,
but I like their mud make up paint
and I found them whilst searching
"gone buggerup"
so that's why they're here. . .
(in case you were wondering)

I was going to call this one "how to bring a smile to your* face at the end of the day" but admitting to the fact that I was googling "gone buggerup"** seems so much more fun. . .

*well, my face, obviously

**curious? I found it somewhere really special. . . and I quote:

"in Australia, you might want to know
the pidgin English term for an eclipse of the sun:
'kerosene lamp him belong Jesus Christ, gone buggerup altogether'"

(which is from a book - this book - given by someone so very clever to her sweetheart)


Sorrow said...

The mask on the one kid is WAyyyyyy Cool!

Mel said...

Can't ya just seein' her stealing the idea and tossing clay around to make one of her own?!

<-- CAN!!

Definitely an interesting use of the 'bugger' word!
Might haffta steal it and watch himself sit and spin.
He'll just tell me that I'm misusing it--I know how it'll play out.

I'm still 'healing' from my experience with 'and Bob's your uncle'. LOLOL

(((((((((((( ILTV )))))))))))))

Dave said...


mig said...


Spadoman said...

She'll be right Mate. :-)