so, tell me

if you received an unsolicited email. . . (thru your blogging email address) (what? you mean that you use your real email address for blogging. . . are you nuts!). . .would you reply (on the assumption that its not sickening with some kind of viral nastiness) and then strike up an ongoing kinda cyber chit-chat with the someone who emailed you?


Spadoman said...

Why do you ask? Are you thinking of e-mailing me?
If so, sure, I'd answer. Oh, you mean from someone I didn't know? That's different. I'm not sure.
I have received e-mails from people who have come across my blog or any of the YouTube videos I've produced. If they make a real connection somehow, I probably answer.
But out of the blue from a stranger? No way. In fact, my Apple computer mail program has a way of sending the e-mail back to the sender as if it has never been read and the address was no good before it deletes the message and puts the senders address in the do-not-accept-email-from-this-person file, which is trash.
But go ahead, e-mail of you want to. I'd love to hear from you. :-)


Mel said...

Wellllll......depends on the content of the email and the request of the sender.
Even then, sometimes I don't need a request--just content which I might find that I have a desire to respond to.

Some email outta the blue with no connection to anything--or one asking me to collect my inheritance from a third world country...LOL...nope.....pass.

Maybe it's intuitive knowledge on my part--either that or I've been really, really, REALLY fortunate in my 'e' connections.

I mean, heck--I married one of 'em!! ;-)

Dave said...

If you're as desperate for friends as me, yes.

Christopher said...

We do our best, Dave!

I use my own name, but French servers are savage and are probably responsible for 80% of the thousand billion you mention, most of which were genuine e-mails originally addressed to me but got thrown out on the way.

Mel said...

(((((((( ILTV ))))))))

Figured a hug first think this morning would be a good thing.

Well, seeings how it's 'allowed' according to the sign....

Happy Hump Day!

Z said...

There are several people whose emails I've replied to if they're actual friendly letters from people who've been reading the blog, but if someone wants me to join a group on the assumption that my blog has a theme, or is wanting me to advertise or get publicity, then I don't answer.

I'm a pretty poor correspondent and not good at keeping in touch (demonstrated by not having sent any Christmas cards again this year).

Christopher said...

Happy Hump Day?

Whatever is this?

Am I missing something?

Rimshot said...

I don't get it. :(

Anonymous G said...

Wednesday is the middle of the week... by making it through today, we're getting over the "hump".

Hence, the nickname "Hump Day".

Happy Hump Day everyone!

(((mel))) too


zIggI said...