Mrs Spratt, who liked the fat

(the rhyme doesn't actually say that, does it)

so, on my kitchen windowsill I have this little weather house - and the state of that couple's relationship is terrible. . .

. . .he's outside, she's inside - all on her ownsome

. . .she's outside, he's back inside - on his own

what's up with that?!
right now, she is so outside she's practically swinging off the doorframe trying to get away from that man

ho hum

on the other hand, the little kissing couple can't get enough of each other!(mind you, I think the magnets in their lips might have something to do with that) obviously, I'm thinking of having magnets implanted in my lips - to improve my chances

I'm joshing. . . I can't even remember the last time I was kissed (that's probably a good thing) - however, seeing as I've got to keep them pucker 'n' all, I'm off on another date tomorrow. . . I went out for a coffee last year with the guy (remember the short film maker? the one who wasn't short, his films were? him) (can't remember? I'd forgotten too, but apparently we did have a coffee meet and tomorrow we'll be having another. . .)
there won't be any kissing, it's a meet not a date
ho hum


Spadoman said...

Those two in the house, they get along real good because one is in and the other out or vice versa. But when they get together, look out! It's one helleva storm in bed.
As for the kissing couple, well, they're just weird. They show you that side of themselves, but if it wasn't for the magnets, and not their own love for each other, they'd be apart and with another Dutchman or woman smoochin' away the hours!
Now you probably need a kiss. I'd be honored to give you a smack on the lips, (no tongue mind you, I'm married).
How about under the mistletoe, you know, the old Christmas tradition. Or at the office party when everybody was feeling Mary, (Merry), and when she left, they all jumped for Joy.

Peace. Good luck on the date.

Christopher said...

Maybe a little magenta lipstick...but do the kissing couple foretell the weather?

Please have a happy time tomorrow.

katherine. said...

while I will be interested in how the "meet" turns out....sometimes the comments are rather entertaining....

Dave said...

Earlier this year I wrote that I'd only ever properly kissed one person in my entire life.

That's no longer true, as my readers took up the challenge.

I, Like The View said...

Dave I feel I've missed out

or rather, you have

(I'm a very good kisser)(but I'm guessing you kinda knew that)

katherine. I feel the comments are usually the most entertaining part of the whole she-bang. . .

Christopher one day I'll write about my quest for the perfect lipstick

you have been warned

however the date goes, sorry meet goes, it will be fine - he's a respectable gent (sings in a chamber choir, no less, and owns a baby grand)(well, there's one in the back of his photo on the dating site anyhow, which he claims to own/play) and we're meeting in a really great coffee house in Borough Market

he's clearly not met TLOHL yet (or the second, seeing as like me he's already been married once) or else he wouldn't be wasting his time with lil' ole me

and as the saying goes "you gotta be in it, to be in it", if it drags a little we can always swap stories of the worst "dates" we've had since we met up last year

it is is truly awful, I'll ditch him and mosey along to Tate Britain


(oh, and the weather couple? right every single day!)

man we'll go south west London stlye, with a couple of air kisses shall we? *mwah mwah*

mig said...

I bet they're a retired couple. Keen gardeners and he likes the rain on his veg and she likes the sun on her flowers. But they like to feel they have independent lives. (I bet they get together when nobody's looking though)

I hope the datemeet is fun. And I'm glad it's a good coffee house :) Very important that.

Mel said...

Yup--a coffee meet is PERFECT about now.
I mean, c'mon...with plan b, c and d--whaddaya got to lose!
But....yaknow....have coffee first!

And personally, I'm with Mig.
Only cuz I sorta kinda have a clue what that looks like and wears like.
Observationally speaking only, of course.......

Southwest London style, eh?

<-- gonna test himself's knowledge base now, excuse me!

Anonymous G said...

After years of searching, I have discovered this:

There is NO SUCH THING as the perfect lipstick.

Happy Coffee Meeting!!!

xxxx (for you, not your meet-ee)

Dave said...

Looks like we've got something to achieve on our next blog-meet, doesn't it?