I hope your day is

full of light
and perhaps a surprise,
or two


Christopher said...

Thank you - I'm sure it would be if I could just find the switch.

mig said...

The sun just came out! Christopher must have found the switch!
I shall go and look for surprises shortly :)

Mel said...

Oh! OH! I like surprises of the fun kind. Not so keen on surprises of the not fun kind.
Like the registration to the car coming due....ugh...
I guess it's not a 'bad' surprise--after all, it is a sticker. It's just a rather expensive sticker that I don't even get to play with. :-(

But I do like Mig's answer--and I'll happily wait for her to share hers! And hopefully I'll get to go in search of a surprise or two myself.... kleenex box in hand, of course.

Mel said...

*waiting patiently for Christopher to flip the switch for HERE*

Spadoman said...

I did get a surprise, and it wasn't a good one. Maybe I should have sent that stupid e-mail with the "why does god love you" sentiments to fifteen people in the next 30 seconds after all.

Oh well, I'll just go eat worms.


Dave said...

It's a bit grey here.

Vicus Scurra said...

Yes, please specify pleasant surprises next time.
Apart from that, thank you.

katherine. said...

I'm not too fond of surprises...but I do really like those glass thingies hanging on the lamp shade.

spadoman has me singing..."long slim slimy ones....short fat juicy ones..."

Rimshot said...

I don't know what today will hold, but last night was quite a surprising evening pour moi.

I, Like The View said...

shot do tell!!

katherine. I used to hang various necklaces on various lampshades, just like that

I'll leave you to the worms!

Vicus your pleasant surprise was the music you requested, a little further down. . .

. . .hidden amongst birds of paradise

but perhaps it was paradise lost on you?

Dave I'm sure that not very far from you the sun was shining

(up probably)

man whatever happened, it was not a consequence of some silly email chain you didn't pass on

shit just happens sometimes

katherine. is helping you out with the worms

Mel how's the cold, dearheart? *passes the tissues*

Mel mig always has some lovely treats for us, doesn't she!

mig I'm sure you found something, you're good at that!!

Christopher did you manage to shed any light on the matter in the end?

Rimshot said...

I would, but it's not for public consumption and it's nothing to do with me, really.

Suffice it to say that it involved a trip to the police station (where I was but a friend and de-facto taxi service

Mel said...

*sitting on hands*

<-- tactic to avoid the last few lines of the worm song....LOL