the one that got away: oh, dear reader,

I approach today's missive with a heavy heart
one of my favourite people will not be joining all my other favourite people for our little bit of festive fun. . . perhaps he feared for the gift that he might be given

(if I'd have had him,
my gift would have been
a polar bear ride thru a forest to watch a meteor shower)

perhaps he's really really busy

perhaps he just didn't fancy it

actually, you know, he doesn't even need to have a reason

if someone offers you something that you don't want or need or just don't even want to be offered, you shouldn't be obliged to accept it - should you?

saying "no" is an artform really, just as asking for what you do want or need is

sometimes I wish I'd learnt this earlier in my life - but, hey-ho, one never knows when one is actually going to learn the lesson, does one?
and, it all goes to show that at this time of year one should not focus on what one doesn't have, but on what one does. . . and look (right arrow) how many wonderful participants we do have for the festive fun. . .

the e-elf will get to it on Friday


Dave said...

I didn't actually say yes either, I rather think I have been taken for granted. ;-)

dinahmow said...

I read "his" blog and thought: oh well, he doesn't want to play.That's OK. We don't always want to play with him, do we!
A bit like comments - we may read the post, but choose not to say anything on that day.
It'll all coome out int wash!

I, Like The View said...

dinah exactly

Dave I know - shall I take you off The List too then?

I, Like The View said...

(not "I know you'd rather think you've been taken for granted", but "I know you never said 'yes'")

Dave said...

Of course not. If Vicus and I both rejected you, I think your little heart might break.

I'm very happy to be included in your games.

I, Like The View said...

thank you, Dave it was showing a few cracks (and my lower lip was quivering and trembling somewhat)(but now I'm smiling)

Mel said...

Ohhhhhhh...... Well, then!

"No." is a full sentence, I've heard. The trick isn't saying it--I'm well versed at crossing my arms and saying "NO!!" to himself. 'Specially when it comes to eating meats. *gak!*

Trick for me is to remember it ain't all about ME when I get TOLD 'No'. But after watching himself get all sorts of neurotic thinking it IS about little ol' him...I think I'm getting the idea down pat!
Well, sorta...

I am, by the way, an 'autocondimentor'....or is that 'autocondimentist'?
Heck.....either works, methinks!

KAZ said...

Fear of the unknown - a bit like me.
No is such a difficult thing to say well.

I, Like The View said...

KAZ it can be scary, but often times isn't as scary as you think it's going to be

it is, isn't it

Mel that's a good thing to remember (the "it's not about me when someone says no" thing)

but, what actually is an autocondimentor thingymejiggamebob?

mig said...

Saying yes when you'd rather say no can be a bit of a trap.
Saying no is a perfectly reasonable and acceptable alternative.

I really need to know what is an autothingycondiwhatsitmentorjobbie.
Just in case I ever need one myself you see.

Rimshot said...

So, how exactly is it going to work. We can't pull names from a hat, can we?

And the polar bear ride/meteor shower thing has inspired my gifting ideas (at least in the virtual world) to such great heights (at least for me)...

I'm excited! :)

I, Like The View said...

shot there is a link in the side-bar to the piece with the explantion

but basically: you'll be emailed a name (the e-elves are sorting out the anonymous/secret thing for me) and then (having spent no more than an hour "shopping" for your gift - there's a time limit, rather than a £/$ limit) within a week you'll email back the "gift" and I'll get the e-elves to publish the gift with the recipient's name attached. . .

glad I've inspired you!!!

mig an auto-thingy-condi-whats-it-mentor-jobbie sounds like rather a wonderful entry for the Secret Santa, wouldn't you say!