one wo/man's festive decoration

is another wo/man's fiesta disaster. . .
since I quite like to kiss, I like to keep it simple (no, I'm not calling you stupid) (but, can you name all of Santa's reindeer? can you? can you!) (you can't? a hint follows)
so, there are a few white doves dotted around (not real ones, thank goodness - in a previous existance, living in Shropshire, many many years ago, when we had a coal-fired Aga in which we burnt Irish peat - I know, I know - the people who we bought the house from left their doves behind) (have you any idea how much guano is produced by ten or twelve doves in a cote? it doesn't bear thinking about, dear reader, don't go there) since this year's theme is. . .
(yes, I do a theme of some sort
each mid winter pagan festive season. . .)
(sometimes it's something like "vintage",
this year it's "the colour white")
(with lime green and a rusty orange, to set off the white)
(oh, and silver and white glitter)
. . .is white (white doves, white candles, white baubles, glittery white peacock feathers) (ha ha! were you paying attention at the back? now you know why there was an albino peacock a little earlier!); and I also thought some white berries might blend in nicely. . .
. . .however, since there's not much kissing going on at I,LTV Towers at the end of this decade, the mistletoe is merely to be found around the fireplace, in the form of rather tasteful fairylights
I had a boyfriend once who was about to buy a suit when the salesman blew it at the last minute by describing the suit as "classy", so I won't say that of my xmas dex (altho, like the suit, they were cheap)
how would you describe your festive decorations?
how did you see in the millenium?
(remember that? a mere decade ago!)
(I saw the last decade in on the beach at Polzeath) (well, I didn't actually, since it was rather foggy, but if it hadn't have been foggy I would have)


Z said...

When I wanted to buy a second-hand table and the chap said "oh, you're looking for shabby-chic then?" I left the shop.

Festive decorations - unthemed, random. They include the stained glass tree decorations that Al made as a teenager and some cards my mother painted.

We had a party and then drove to the coast in time to see the sun rise at Dunwich. We could have gone to Lowestoft (motto Point du Jour) but the easternmost point is very dull. We cooked breakfast on the clifftop.

Mel said...

Decorations this year--


Even the tree is 'minimal' and 'simple'.
It's great!
And I ain't trippin' over all this 'stuff'!

Warm--it feels warm.

dinahmow said...

Can't get "into it" in this heat or I'd have the winter pagan thing.In years past I've had swags of holly and mistletoe along the mantle; my final London Christmas - black-white-silver with bright red accents in gift bows, glass baubles and linen napkins.I recall buying a whopping great turkey at 3.30pm on Dec. 24th. Funny the things one remembers...

So I'll enjoy all you northerners' decorations vicariously!

(I am in Secret Santa, aren't I?If not, please add me.)

Malc said...

We saw the last decade in with a massive barbecue and fireworks in Mrs Malc's back garden in Wednesfield, Wolverhampton - it was a belting night.

White, green and orange is special to any real Irishman/woman. Sal made me a white rose with green and orange trimmings for our wedding.

Mel said...

OH! Forgot to say "gold and white".


Go figure.....

Rimshot said...

My festive decorations are (as usual) non-existent. There's only Molly and me and neither one of us quite sees the point.

I believe I saw in the millennium by sleeping.

Dave said...

Well, you've seen mine.

The decorations I mean.

Yes I did know the reindeer names.

I was in bed for the millenium. Changing dates doesn't excite me.

mig said...

We seem to have acquired an annual party starting from the last decade. Curry and bonfire and quizzes.

Our decorations get more red, gold and green every year and are mostly made up of whatever survived the last twenty years.
I like your mistletoe lights.

Spadoman said...

We haven't decorated in 18 years, (it's a long story), but this year, we will do something. We're starting from scratch. We'll buy a pre cut tree from the sales yard of a charitable organization and festoon it with construction paper chains and clay ornaments, all made by the Grandchildren.
I missed my opportunity, weatherwise, to string outside lights, so, just the tree. No theme except the obvious, Christmas as perceived by children. Gifts and running around with reckless abandon, and by adults, copious quantities of good food and plenty of top quality coffee.


Christopher said...

Goodness! Haven't given a thought to decorations yet.

We saw the millenium in here at home. We had a bottle of The Widow and a can of Irn Bru some school dentists gave me once in Scotland. We waited up for the municipal fireworks. Expecting mighty pyrotechnic explosions, we gave Bellamy the dog a sedative, which didn't kick in until 7am the next morning. Just as well: there were just two rockets, one for each AD millenium. Mean s*ds.

Donn said...

I sat by the puter in a HAZMAT suit waiting for the world to end...and numbed the anticipated agony of it all with Paralyzers..lots of them..and when the clock in the bottom right hand corner of the screen hit 12:01 and noffing 'appened!
I extended the playlist on my music program and joined the others.

What a bloody disappointment that was sheesh!

Christopher said...

Sorry about the lack of kissing. Not good news. You're welcome to one or two spare ones I have:


I, Like The View said...

Christopher that was three pare ones! thank you, sweetie

Donn a little like the hauldron collider thingy then, eh (would you like to join the secret santa?)

Christopher Irn Bru - now that's a scary thought (let's stick to the kissing, much less scary)

man I read about your paper chains. . . then I saw some in a shop and thought of you (home made ones are so much better!)

mig I had some of my mother's (which I stole from my father's) - they were my favourites. . post-war, some of them. . . my children had destroyed the lot within a couple of years

curry, bonfire and quizes sound fun!

Dave so, that begs a question: what does excite you

shot shake a leg mate! why not buy one little string of tinsel this year. . .

Mel gold and white: a classic combination

Malc how lovely (-: you're very lucky (but I'm guessing you know that!)

dinah memories are a wonderful thing, eh

yes! you're (already) in!

Mel that all sounds good, very good (especially the "warm" bit!)

Z sometimes unthemed and random is the best way to go. . .

. . .especially when you have true "vintage" decorations (not "second hand" or "shabby chic"!)

breakfast on a clifftop sounds brilliant

katherine. said...

excuse me....
(clearing my throat)

not to be a total geek...

can I just be a little bit of a nit picker and mention that the decade ends on 31 December 2010

you have a whole other year....

Z said...

It depends what decade you're talking about, surely. A decade is a period, any period, of ten years, not necessarily ten years counting from an arbitrary year 0, which was identified some time later.

The nineties had to end at the end of 1999, whenever the millennium was. In the same way, the "noughties" have to end when the year moves into double figures. When you talk about the Roaring Twenties, you don't include 1930. It'd be silly.

I, Like The View said...

so, nooooooone noticed that I made the mistake of saying "Hauldron" rather than "Hadron" (as in Large Hadron Collider). . .

. . .see, it must be a time machine thingy. . .

like I was saying

and then, the decade thing wouldn't be an issue, eh