so I was getting ready for some festive cooking

(I'll be providing THE BEST seasonal recipe later)
when it occurred to me
(a thought)
how many eggs could you balance on top of one another, before the bottom one broke?
and, talking of the Emperor's New Clothes (as I was yesterday)(well, I was thinking about it), isn't this delightful. . .

(gotta love that See No Evil monkey, eh) (and the peacock feathers! so pretty. . . the ones I have on the mantel piece waft in the warmth from the candle light. . .) (wish you could see it!) (yes, YOU!!!!)


Dave said...

Perhaps I will, one day.

I, Like The View said...

well, see, I'd invite you down - only I know that the journey would exhaust you and you'd not be feeling well enough to enjoy being here and I know how much you dislike London

but if you ever changed your mind, you know where I am


dinahmow said...

Did I tell you that I (we) had 7 peacocks? Not here. Of course.

Spadoman said...

Hope I'd be included in the "Yes, you". But I did see the peacock feathers. Yesterday, the paper snowflakes we made and hung on a string were doing that dance when the furnace clicked on and the draft of the heat rising made the air move. Wonderful, except the heat stayed on all night as it's so cold here right now.


Christopher said...

I send you this, dear I,LTV, on the Feast of St Romaric, for the very cogent reason that it has nothing to do with anything, certainly not the gentleman above.

Mel said...

Ack! LOL

Well, there's TWO things I wasn't anticipating to discover here this morning.
Maybe a third cuz I'm gonna check out Christopher's link?

<-- likes recipes!

(which means "I can hand it over to himself!!")

Christopher said...

Goodness, Mel, I hope your French is up to it!

Mel said...

<-- likes vaches!

If that's the plural of vache, that is.
If it ain't--I like a good vache and those were quite cute, tyvm!


Mel said...

Ahhhhhhhh! You're so busy baking that you've yet to take a photo of the goodies and post for Friday's treats!
(wild guess...LOL)

That's okay.
I'm good with coffee, ty.
I'll live vicariously through the thought of all the rest indulging in the baked goodies!


Dave said...

Have you given up blogging too?

I, Like The View said...

<------- up all night with sick child


it'll be coffee folks, nice and strong


coming up. . .