who writes this drivel? and who believes it?

(obviously I'm guilty of reading it, once in a while)
"Although you might not want to deal with financial issues now, it's smarter to attend to money matters today while the Full Moon is still in your 2nd House of Personal Resources. Be sensible and get your regular bills paid before you purchase something you don't really need. And, with the holidays coming, it's a good idea to be aware of exactly how much you have to spend."

I,LTV choses her "house of personal resource"

you mean, I have a First House of Personal Resources? say what! why didn't anyone tell me. . .
(and while you're at it, explain what a Personal Resource actually is - doesn't sound like lash-lenthening mascara or an upbeat personality or a cupboard with spare lightbulbs to me)(and where can I find these Houses of Personal Resource then? next door? down the street? another county? a different country?) (are they even on this planet!)
and, you mean that purchases are supposed to be for things you really need. . . this throws some light on various aspects of my life (coffee machines being one of them) (well, a coffee machine being one of them) (do the children really need presents this year? ba humbug)
"be sensible"!
what's that all about?


mig said...

I like your house of personal resource :)
'Be sensible' is probably all about not paying too much attention those drivelly things (except once in a while just to check that it's all still nonsense) and it's certainly about getting a new coffee machine!

Mel said...


Toss that one. Let's do another one instead!

What in the heck is a House of Personal Resources?!
And I want one!!

All I have is a job....*sigh*
And I gotta tell ya, that was WORK today.
Holy moly I don't like end of the month 'stuff'.
Now THAT'S what I call drivell!
Just sayin'.......

But not OUT THERE.
IN HERE doesn't count!!!!

katherine. said...

who does write it...and what do they really want from you?

Dave said...

That could be a description of the way I operate. Sorry.

I, Like The View said...

Dave exactly (I mean, me too) the only excesses you'll find chez moi are the froths I used to have on the top of my coffee (*sniff*), possibly the number of marshmallows that I put on the top of Mini-Teen's not chocolates (a mother has to treat a daughter to simple pleasures) and perhaps the number of little chinks of cyber space I've www-wormed my way into

no apologies necessary

katherine. someone who's being paid per word/line?. . . I suspect they don't really want anything from me (they're not getting anything, that's for sure)

Mel the end of the month stuff is a good reminder of how well you do your job the rest of the time

they're lucky to have you!

mig I might have to revisit the coffee machine issue in the new year, once xmas is over. . .


KAZ said...

My personal resource is my laptop.
I'd be happy to live in that house as long as I had it with me.
Oh and I might need the mascara as well.

I, Like The View said...

it's a rather beautiful house in an idyllic setting, isn't it

the mascara is a must for me too, and possibly a reliable internet connection


Spadoman said...

An old friend of mine did my astrological chart once. It was long ago and I can't remember the details, but she said when I read my horoscope, I shouldn't read Taurus, (my birthday is May 10th), but rather the moon or star that was rising when I was born and that, if I remember correctly, was Sagittarius.
So, I read Taurus AND Sagittarius and take the better of the two.

So, I don't wear mascara anymore.


I, Like The View said...

man woah!!! that's getting rather complicated. . .

(I'm a bull too!!)