have a happy new year's snog with me

or two, if you fancy. . . my treat!


mig said...

Happy New Year dear I.
May it bring you good things :)

I, Like The View said...

and to you too, lovely mig


Dave said...

I fancy that. x

Christopher said...

I've just joined the end of the queue

*waves from outside No. 46*

Happy New Year, dear I, and may you achieve your heart's desire many times over.


Mel said...

Ohhhhhh..... :-)

I don't care that I'm behind Christopher in the line.
He's very kind AND--I'm sure he'll make sure some of those blueberries are left for me.


<-- waiting patiently and humming High Hopes

(kinda a wierd stuck tune--but there ya have it....)

Spadoman said...

The happiest of New Years to you dear friend, and the days beyond.

SNOG, hmmmmm, unusual word for the name of a yogurt variety. I'd think twice before I ordered one for myself, but on your recommendation, I'll have one.
By the way, I've been called a SNAG. Sensitive New Age Guy. :-)

Peace in all the land.

Christopher said...

My pleasure, Mel.

I, Like The View said...

man a very happy new year to you! I had my first snog this week - it was delicious!

Mel are you still humming it? (I am!)

Christopher you are just so charming! saving all those blueberries for Ms Mel. . . thank you for your good wishes

Dave an x?!

<---- speechless

Mel said...


Whistled it last evening and laughed when I caught myself singing it to the bug.
Mighta been cuz she's too darn funny.....

Yeah, but wow--do you see those blackberries, too. NOT that I'd expect Christopher's graciousness to exceed the blue berries.....

Must be the -24 windchill--fresh fruit sounds really, really good.
I did have radishes yesterday.
k......not quite the same, huh? LOL

I, Like The View said...

actually, radishes and yoghurt isn't bad (with beetroot, blue cheese, walnuts and watercress! yum!)

mind you, the snog and all the fresh fruit (and mini chocolate chips, only you can't see those - they were at the bottom) was delicious!

mig said...

Much much nicer than leftovers!
Am I too late to have some?

I, Like The View said...

never too late, there's always enough for you here!

Vicus Scurra said...

A happy new year, very late of course, but I need to take issue with that image. I like frozen yogurt, and I like fruit, I even like frozen yogurt that has fruit added to the mixture, but serving frozen yogurt with fruit seems somehow unappealing. Can you help with this dilemma?

I, Like The View said...

yes, I can

I'll eat it for you